New port and the results

  • Been so happy with my newly assembled portfolio that i built towards the end of last season after @ScouseSte had post his new strategy. So far its been going really well with dividends coming in almost everyday and since the new season started ive only had one day that i havent had a PB winner.

    So now ive noticed you can filter matchday results im creating this thread so i can post my matchday results using the “my portfolio” filter and and you can too if you feel like it. Hopefully over time it will show how good a diverse portfolio works, not just for liw risk profits but for dividend returns also.

    Ill post my top results tonight after the final scores are in.

  • Nice one mate, glad it's working well for ya 👍🏻💪🏻

  • 0_1566680433165_60DEEACE-E9F1-4B8E-8E1D-D04C02720565.png

    winning defender
    2nd forward
    And a 6th for midfield

  • @Black-wolf great portfolio mate. I don't have lewandowski but very unlucky not to win PB with him. I need to get on kimmich!!!

  • @C-Money I expected a bigger score from Kimmich to be fair but the new matrix should be well suited to him. Time will tell i suppose. Last season he earned my second highest PB return after Messi

  • @Black-wolf what is your new strategy? New user here so missed it

  • @PepeRAMi i used to keep larger holds in less players and chased a lot of cap app but for me personally it created a lit of FOMO as i saw players i didnt have rising. So now i have over 100 players but i only keep holds of 50 each and i only focus on players that are likely to return dividends because otherwise i feel im only gambling on market growth. My dividend returns are now small but very frequent.

    Ive been on here nearly a year now and tried lots of types of ports and this is the way that works best for me but theres no right or wrong way you just have to find a style that works for you. But try to find something that keeps trading activity minimal

  • 0_1566766449039_72E0E8A2-8878-43C2-B74B-64BAF166B273.png

    The results arent great tonight so looks like ill have to rely on media giving me a return tonight

  • @Black-wolf
    I can't filter match results by my portfolio, just 'old' filters by positions... Is that on Web or app cuz on both I can't? 🤔 😨

  • @Mundek on iphone i only found out you could do it recently. I didnt even know i could filter by position or anything

  • @Black-wolf
    Android so that way!! 🤔 🤨 😡

  • @Black-wolf
    Can you filter by IPD divs winner also or just PB/MB??

  • @Mundek just PBand MB but MB doesnt work as good as good as it doesnt tell you the actual position of your holds it just bumps them up the list like this


  • Neglected this quite quickly but after todays clean sweep i felt id resurrect it an try to keep it going


  • 0_1568061791351_4013D2F3-C60E-4BB1-80B9-7B49943F96D9.png

    Another decent night. Doubled up on my Messi and Neymar holds today just wish id opted to double up on KDB aswell

  • @Black-wolf so the 50s are a thing of the past then? How you getting on with your almada? You were up to 600 weren't ya?

  • @MickTurbo yeah 600 sitting at exactly evens now. I had a few players in good profit that i felt out weighs their dividend potential so ive sold up some to double up on some of the big dividend returners as theyve been dropping a lot lately and i feel the markets going to start shifting towards these players soon as ive noticed the IPD flipping is dying down a bit and the mid range pb players have flown and yourh is at a bit of a standstill at last so the big dog cycle is hopefully round the corner. I still have over 100 players just that some are holds of 100 and some are 50( except Almada)


  • 0_1568148869633_993EEFB9-18AF-454F-BF7B-E3E557DCB8E8.png

  • @Black-wolf Interesting, my PB boys have been smashing it over the international break, no Sancho’s?

  • @Uncle-G ive done pretty well also think i only had one day with no PB wins. I sold up Sancho recently after holding him from £1.40 pre share split so i was that much in profit i felt it was best used elsewhere

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