Bargain buys who will rise..

  • @Gregolocky I’m sure he will take the odd 1 or 2. Personally just think he’s a bargain at £0.33 with Europe and goals and assists in him. Granted he’s older now but french league slower and he may just show a little bit of class. Small punt for me

  • I've just posted this elsewhere but I have also been looking for a cheap bargain to spend some of my dividends on. I've not been looking at the Championship but have instead been focusing on the upcoming Euro 2020 qualifiers.

    I like the look of Denmark's next 2 games - Gibraltar and Georgia. Jens Stryger Larsen has started the last 2 internationals for Denmark and also started in Udinese's win against AC Milan last week. Udinese also have a home game at home against Parma before the qualifiers.

    Worth a 30 day punt so just bought 150 at £0.23.

  • HIghly recommend two Bristol City players.

    Adam Nagy - Hungarian international signed from serie A, young but very experienced internationally.
    Han Noah Massengo - Signed from Monaco, just 18, has taken Nagy's spot in the first team and has looked class. Also he is the youngest player ever to play in the UCL.

    If you are dubious look at the fees Bristol City get for their players when they sell to the prem . . .

  • Ashley young still has rise in him 41p left back for the foreseeable. TV game adds value also.

    Bas dost probably more in him, 68p

    Amath ndiaye, 33p, still waiting for him to be fit but will rise eventually ( been on him 5 months already)

    januzaj will rise when he has a good game 52p

    A few of mine, just be prepared to wait with some of them and also be happy with 30%, which is bloody fantastic, I honestly think folk aren’t happy unless they can get 100%.

  • @Vaughany good find pal 👍🏼
    Surely got 10p rise in him and hopefully some IPD too!

  • For me Cesc Fabregas seems like he could be decent value and will rise. I think that Cesc will be back from suspension after getting sent off the first game of the season at Monaco. I can see a goal/ assist boosting his price a lot as it will give a 3% rise at the current price. If he plays well he might attract some buyers for PB too.

  • @Tom77 I think I bought Ndiaye the same time as you. Will double if he picks up where he left off before the injury.

  • @Sonnyjim
    Cheers buddy. I hope so.
    I'm ashamed to say that I've returned from a week away with the wife and I have spent the one remaining day before I go back to work trawling through the bargain basement. What a loser!!

  • @Sonnyjim said in Bargain buys who will rise..:

    @Tom77 I think I bought Ndiaye the same time as you. Will double if he picks up where he left off before the injury.

    There were a few of us that went in at about 28p I think, the champions league carrot really gives him value. A £1 isn't out of the question with good form and the right match.

  • @Tom77
    Agree with you here...
    I said in other post that one of my mistake was, being stubborn a being a long term trader (with some players) for too long - this is trading platform and you'll make more money trading than just sitting waiting for those 100%s, 200%s etc ...!!

  • i would suggest borna barisic...croatia only choice left back scored for them in recent internationals prob will be transfered by rangers this year or january and just smashed a stunning free kick to win rangers game at weekend. he will be on fk duty from now on as he has took 2 scored 2

  • Agreed, if you can make a 30% gain on any stock then consider your options.
    It's easy to buy but to time when to sell is so much harder as we all want just that little bit more don't we.

  • You have to also remember selling at 30% is fine, the player might then dip and then you can go back in and make another 15%. There are lots of player graphs that show this but this all comes with experience on the platform.

  • @Vaughany have a look at the Romanians

  • @NewUser338293 was at the Derby vs Bristol City game last week... Massengo looks a class act couldn't believe how young he was... He's too good for the championship

  • @Munchie63
    I like the look of the 2 fixtures after the Spain game. Shame they are so far apart though.

  • @NewUser400854

    Tav will be on free kicks from the left.
    Also Borna doesn't start every game for Rangers

  • Jack O’Connel for Sheff Utd. English, known for overlapping CB runs. Could be Harry Maguire mark 2?

    51p could easily rise with some transfer spec

  • Perisic at 71p.

    Both the other wingers (Gnarby & Coman) are £1.30odd.

    Don't expect him to hit their price but can see him around £1.

  • @Nikitz71 Agree. Got in at 38p on Paolo Ghiglione and he’s reaping being classed as a defender but playing on wing. Can imagine him being near 70p mark by October

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