Pumping and dumping beware

  • Beware of pumping and dumping on trending list they only do 1p spread beware

  • Aye, aye Captain!

  • Just scrap the trending list I'd say.
    Never pay too much attention to it anyway as most on that list are generally being pumped.

  • One I am going to back is Shayne lavery. Was caught out by pumping and dumping of him when I first signed up, I though oh cheap Everton forward he must be getting a chance this season. But NOPE no longer plays for Everton, plays for linfield. BUT I saw the goal he scored last night and it was an absolute worldy. Having a great season there and has received a Northern Ireland call up for it. Next time his values back to 22p I’ll be investing, and I recommend others do the same. From what I’ve seen he’ll be back in the prem this time next year. I’m playing the long game

  • @NewUser382165

    I've seen some truly, astonishingly prolific Irish, Northern Irish and Welsh league strikers come to league 1/2 and massively struggle. The difference in standard between league 2 and these leagues is huge, let alone the premier league (which he only just got released from).

    A strong pump and dump has to have something to pull people in and persuade them to part with their money so they feel there is a reason to buy. One wonder goal seems to be the ticket this time.

  • That’s true that some of them arrive in England and struggle in the lower leagues, but a mid premiership club thought he had enough potential to sign him, and he’s playing every week in ireland now so his fitness levels will be up. I’m just planning for the future. And anyone that can score a brace in Europe to set up the group stages is worth a punt for me at his price 👍🏻

  • @NewUser382165

    Well good luck to you :).

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