Timing it Right

  • I want to add a certain mr Pogba to my portfolio aslong as he is at United on 3rd September.
    I’m buying for a dividend stream but I want to make sure I buy at the best price possible.
    I’m wondering if there will be a surge prior to 2nd September?
    Expecting some noise from Madrid prior to the deadline.

  • IMO before the 3rd of September now is the best value you can get on him. One more season then he is off

  • I imagine there might be a few rumours flying round (MB heaven!) leading up to the European transfer window closing, so I suspect Pogba's dividends will continue to roll in from midweek onwards. If you are going to buy, then my advice is yes, now is probably the best time.

    But if you are super-cautious, just wait until he's confirmed as staying at United after 2nd September. I'm saying this because I'd hate anyone getting burned on my "advice" and he will certainly drop a bit if he does leave (which is looking highly unlikely I know).
    If you wait till he's definitely staying, You'll pay a higher price, sure, but you'll still now own a revenue machine (which is why you want Pogba isn't it?)

    Food for thought there mate 🤔😂

  • If your going to get pogba I'd do it now. The chances of him leaving I this window are practically zero so I'd recommend getting in before post window rise.

  • I can't see him leaving personally, utd surely wouldn't allow themselves to be so light on midfield options. I'm sure there will be a few people waiting for the window to close before they get on Pogba though. Now could be an ideal time to get on, obviously I little riskier than waiting though.

  • @ScouseSte thanks mate yeah totally agree risk v reward ay. Next step is how many shares...

  • @Collymore10 said in Timing it Right:

    @ScouseSte thanks mate yeah totally agree risk v reward ay. Next step is how many shares...


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