Maguire stability

  • Having made Maguire my biggest hold I’m quite shocked to see how much he’s dropped this morning.
    I thought he would be stable price wise.
    Any ideas why’s he’s dropped?

    New trader nerves seeing red in my port..

  • @Collymore10 The market is volatile and losing at home to Palace will knock trader confidence in United players a little. Plus he hasn't won MB for a few days which always causes a few people to sell up.

  • Not keeping clean sheets / getting wins can dramatically affect his PB. That was one of his key pluses.
    Also, Rash and Pog now taking the MB limelight with the penalty fiascoes means he's not the media focus anymore.

    Wouldn't panic, but would be surprised if there's many natural rises any time soon. Maybe see what happens with England.

  • Probably just settling down abit, gave people a reason to sell following that result. Wait until he scores and/or gets PB then maybe look at selling some.

  • When the season settles down it normally has a regular pattern on here. Prices highest Friday evening/ Saturday morning (pre match build up) and prices drop Sunday evening/Monday (post match selling).

    This regular pattern is amplified by a bad result, small injury, not starting match, subbed off etc (not Magiure, just any player) and the market also appears more volatile than last season at the moment.

  • @Collymore10 said in Maguire stability:

    Any ideas why’s he’s dropped?

    Without MB & PB (lack of wins, CS & goals) he's just too expensive; 4th highest price defender, only TAA, VVD & Kimmich higher & they are PB animals.

    He was seen as the defensive answer to Utd but they are so woeful overall even he's making it hard to be the difference I wouldn't want to be holding.

    I bought him 88p & sold at 204p but wouldn't buy back above around 150-175 level as there are far better holds for those sort of prices IMHO.

  • @NewUser159387 I don't think his price is ever going to drop below £2 personally. He's the worlds most expensive defender and plays for the biggest and most media friendly club in the country if not the world as well as being a permanent fixture in the England side that has got a European championships on the horizon. Add to that the fact he still posts decent PB performances even without clean sheet and win bonuses.

    You know he'll get a couple of goals at least over the season as well so I think he's more likely to hit the £3 mark before he goes below £2

  • @TraderJ

    I hear you & that's highly likely given the platform growth but doesn't change my view - he's still poor value but some players just seem permanently over or under valued. I'm happy to have taken my profit on him but good luck to those who still remain convinced of his value.

  • @Collymore10 have a look through all the Maguire threads for the last year. Constant negativity regarding his price. I've held since I came on FI, sold when the transfer saga was going on to lock in a decent profit and bought in heavily when he dropped a fair bit. One of my biggest holds and also one of my biggest contribution to my divs pile. His price drop this week? Profit taking and the volatility of the market that he hasn't won any divs since Monday. Great defender, plays for Manu, worlds most expensive defender, VVD comparisons, scores goals, first choice England player and very media friendly. A must long term hold for me. I think he will track slightly behind VVD price. (Who I hold long term too).

  • @LittleFish hope so mate

  • @LittleFish could I ask how many shares you have?

  • @Collymore10 500 😱

  • Quite a few of us Foxes fans on here and don't think a single one has said he was worth £80M so in line with that his FI price is also too high. United don't have much more chance than the Foxes in keeping clean sheets so his PB divs are going to be very limited except when playing for England possibly.
    You have had your CA and MB divs so time to bale out as much better value elsewhere
    As I have found to my cost the biggest thing about FI is when to sell and not necessarily when to buy

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