New customers old gamblers.

  • Ever since last Saturday what ever I gain I seem to lose, I have a very diverse portfolio with lots of the pb/mb players. I have around 40 players.

    The footie is growing at a good rate every day but whatever my diverse portfolio gains then loses elsewhere.

    First weekend was great along with build up to second weekend but now I’m losing interest to look at my portfolio, just like to check who might win the mb or pb on match days. My portfolio is over £10k but could be up £10 one day next day down £10, green red green red = flat.

    Is it because new users are trying to take every bit of profit as soon as they can so play a short game rather than a long game?

    Or is everyone’s portfolio full of pb/mb players growing at a healthy rate?

    I gotta admit it’s not as exciting at the moment for me.

  • @Mr-Random-number not sure. im getting the same thing with a similar size portfolio. Flat all week shot up £100 yesterday morning and then fell £80 last night after the games had finished. Its fell a little more over night and im back to where i was on friday. I think a lot of people are chasing IPD’s and quick cap app. So prices are flying then profits taken and moved elsewhere. The benefit is that if your portfolio wasnt so diverse it could go either way and worst case you’d be seeing dramatic losses so even though youre port seems flat as is mine you will still be taking in dividends. Maybe its just new members learning the ropes or maybe theres a lot more short term trading going on. Ive gave up worrying about my ports cap app as im not planning any sales any time soon although it is nice to see the calue going up more often

  • It's still early in the season when judging the best PB players to be on so the market will be more volatile for a little while.

    A couple of things I'm considering right now are and could apply to you too are: Do you still judge all your PB players to still be at their best this season or are you holding based purely on historical data? Some past PB players may no longer be what they were.

    Also, is your port diverse across a variety of areas that people are actually buying? I've looked at my port in the past and realised that with all honesty 30% of my players were good players but ones that were off trend or types that people were selling to get on other player types. I sold this portion and increased my holding in the areas of my port that were providing the gains.

  • Market is very volatile at the moment. It might settle down or this might be the new norm. Weekly cycles in value are fairly predictable. Do you keep a spreadsheet? Might be handy to monitor if your successes are from CA, PB, MB or IPD, or a combination of all. Forget 24 hour profit, keep an eye on the weekly profit.

    £10 on a 10k portfolio is only 0.1%, virtually zero, not worth checking your portfolio to monitor this rise or fall.

  • Once you get diverse enough, your port wont reflect so many market spikes and drops, but the individuals and small groups will. Now just monitor indivdual/group types player ups n downs.
    E. G.
    Pb players may spike now whilst your yth dip, levelling out overall

  • @Mr-Random-number
    My portfolio is going much the same as yours and I think I’m down about £60 since yesterday although I did get a few dividends last night. I’ve only been on here since June so I’m not sure if this is a normal start to the season. I’ll give it till the end of October to see how I’m doing then reassess things.

  • the more people on the site just levels the playing field(no pun intended) to the standard industry norm of 98% mugs, lot less trading going on and more just pure gambling for the sake of it which is hardly surprising considering divs are too low in comparison to player prices,players getting instant sold for yellow cards hmmmm, instant sold being subbed off in 80th min for eg fi need to do something to stem the tide if they want this to be a "trading" site, although im guessing fi have never had it so good so doubt they really care about people who want to "trade" forex is known for being volatile but in 20 years ive never seen forex consistently volatile like this site is at the mo. might calm down but more likely to get even more volatile

  • I guess it's reassuring but my portfolio is also performing in exactly the same manner.
    Touched £2840 last weekend, was down to £2812 by Friday, currently now back up to around £2840.
    Expecting a fall again later / tomorrow.

    Can't seem to break the £2850 barrier because of the ruthless sell-offs that keep happening 😐

  • @ScouseSte said in New customers old gamblers.:

    I guess it's reassuring but my portfolio is also performing in exactly the same manner.
    Touched £2840 last weekend, was down to £2812 by Friday, currently now back up to around £2840.
    Expecting a fall again later / tomorrow.

    Can't seem to break the £2850 barrier because of the ruthless sell-offs that keep happening 😐

    I was very similar. Then Insigne happened 😁.

  • Thanks for the reply’s guys, I had a feeling many are experiencing what I am on here. I think I’ll wait until the end of second week of October from when I get back from a holiday to re-evaluate, I’ve made a decent profit run up to season start with also nearly £800 in deposit bonuses, but if it carries on being as volatile until then I might pull the plug and take advantage of the deposit bonus once a year to make 10% rather than risk of keeping a large amount of money into a platform that has risk but much higher risk if things carry on like they are at present. 👍

  • For me it's generally rises through the week then the weekend is all dependent on player performances.

  • Wow cant afford the money you but in. Started with £50 about 18 months ago. Up to £379 tight now. I tend to invest in just one player at a time. Made good gains with winks, Barkley and Kante buying cheap and selling high. Right now the whole lot is in Edward's at .61p a share.

  • Very frustrating times right now, never known any time as volatile as this although I wasn’t around at the very start of last season.

    It’s hard to get excited about any gains as you know some heavy falls are around the corner. It doesn’t matter whether your player has won dividends/posted high PB scores or the opposite as they all seem to have heavy drops on Sunday/Monday.

    There does seem to be a lot of ‘£10 - £100’ style challenges around (some on here but loads on twitter and elsewhere) which I believe send out a very wrong message to new traders.

    Hopefully it settles down soon - FI always have something up their sleeve that they can entice further growth with, I guess they are just enjoying raking in the commission for the time being.

  • @Mr-Random-number I went from one player being my biggest % gain on Friday to know today being one of the lowest after a massive sell off! Frustrating

  • @Martyn-B if this is the new norm how do you think it will effect things and people’s strategy?

  • Is it a case of fastest finger first?

  • @Collymore10

    Really not sure. Do think it will settle down after a few weeks. Proven winners picking up PB wins with stats to back it up should hold their value better. A few weeks of impatient traders losing out to IS plus commission and they may being to change their trading habits. All this trading is great for FI and their profit margins though!! Most important thing is too have a diverse portfolio to cover every scenario and to be patient, even when it feels like no-one else is!!

  • @Martyn-B lol yeah trying to be patient but feels like no one else is

  • this is what happens when a gambling site goes mainstream , you get the 98% mug ratio, dividends are so pathetically low there is little encouragement for pb chasing/long term holdings, if FI dont pull their fingers out and put hands in their pockets its going to get worse

  • Don’t get greedy and don’t get to attached to players that’s my biggest tip to anyone on here

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