Lukaku a cert for tomorrow attack PB and IPD ??

  • Inter at home to Lecce tomorrow and single match day. Lukaku to bang a goal or 2 looks a safe bet I think. And could be a good shout for PB.
    Peoples thoughts ?

  • Got to happen he will score shed loads in that league this season

  • @NewUser348798 Sorry but there is no such thing as a cert, just ask any Spurs fans☹

  • @Gazz127 it was a question rather than a statement lol. Yes very true nothing is ever guaranteed, but in my opinion looks like a good chance it could happen. What’s your opinion? You reckon he’s worth jumping on for tomorrow?

  • @NewUser348798 Agreed he could start well tomorrow and I do hold but really anyone should have been on this one a couple of weeks back but saying that a good first game and he has plenty of scope to rise.

  • It's crazy how people are buying in to such an inflated price for the chance to win 2p for top forward tomorrow, he's way above his peak United price where he would win the odd MB, sorry holders but I think there's probably a considerable drop coming sooner (tomorrow) or later (San Marino).

  • Better value in Sensi and Martinez in my opinion.
    Lukaku will be lucky to last 60 minutes with all that timber he's carrying! 😀

  • @Dronny-Gaz Don't doubt there is better value on show tomorrow.
    But this market will reward and crucify performance Good or bad so Lukaku better deliver😉

  • Wouldn't be shocked to see him start on the bench.

  • Was never anywhere close to winning PB when he scored for Man Utd, don't see why he'd suddenely be a PB beast now. Actually think Lautaro Martinez will be a good contender for top fwd PB.

  • He'll score well this season for Inter, they have reasonable fixtures in the next wee while plus Belgium games. Those going on "chasing 2p" - IPD for him coming up over the next 30 days looks VERY attractive.

  • Lukaku still going to attract some MB this year - and with his EPL history and the Italian hatred for black people he will be back in a year or two.

    Tonight will be a good indicator of whether he is going to be a 25+ goal man this season. If he is that puts him in with a shout of some pb and mb.

    He is susceptible to a price drop tho for sure. Current price is massively factored on this single game at home to an easy win (on paper) but if he scores and wins pb there will probably be further rise.

  • Either way is a win imo, if he blanks tonight he drops 20p+ and with Belgium playing San Marino in a few weeks hes in for a shout of PB and a few IPDs if he plays (which he should). Alternatively if he scores tonight he wins PB and rockets another 20p+

  • Lukaku comes good and is top FW tonight. Good call on the post. He is the top name in this Inter Team, as Icardi is just randomly in the squad with no signs of being a starter still. Will hold.

  • Unbelievable sell off before half time. I ventured into FB territory to seek people's views from those that sold after 45 mins. Someone genuinely said it was because he hadn't scored yet 🤦‍♂️

  • @LittleFish Classic impulse selling. The amount of lost PB and IPD for those early sellers.....

  • This post is deleted!

  • @NewUser348798 good call mate.

  • @LittleFish the thing is they will make 1p ipd, 2pb pb... But he's dropped over 10p from his peak. I've held because I think he will score plenty in the next 30 days... And hopefully not drop below £2. But I can see how some people would have made a quick win buying in the last day or two and IS anything over £2.10

    Happy with my busness tho, got in early enough to guarantee some nice profit. If he drops to £2 I'll probably IS and guarantee some cap ap and div profit. Asamoah longer term as I can't see him returning to less than 45p... In a Conte 532 he should be pretty good value for money


  • @Vespasian32 0_1566859466472_IMG_6096.PNG
    Cheers. The voice of reason as always. Not quite as big holdings but I've come a long way in a year from 50p on over 10 corners type of gambler.

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