Matchday Thread 26/08/2019

  • Serie A
    Inter Milan 19:45 Lecce

    Could be the Lukaku show tonight. Personally I'm more interested in seeing how Conte utilises Nicolo Barella (assuming he plays).

  • Really think treble media day should still apply on days like these - a single Inter Milan v Lecce fixture is nowhere near enough to keep the whole market stimulated.

  • @LukeMalla agree thinking some big money on Inter players
    I even looked at opposition players...’pub team’ 😂

  • I tend to agree with you actually @Chris-J

    A minimum of 3 eligible fixtures before reverting to a single media day would be a good upgrade imho.

    Today it's Inter/Lecce.
    Tomorrow it's Montpellier/Lyon.
    Wednesday it's Lille/Saint Etienne & Nice/Marseille.
    Thursday is Treble Media.
    Friday there are 5 eligible fixtures across 4 leagues.

  • Seen plenty of predicted line-ups for Inter with Vecino playing instead of Barella. If true, then at 36p he's dirt cheap compared to the rest of the Inter midfield.

  • @Chris-J definitely agree. I've looked ahead on flashscore and its gonna be a boring week. Basically back to the summer minus the media madness, and I'm not the type to jump on lukaku or Martinez just for a chance of one days divs, I know plenty will, but plenty wont

  • I only have two Serie A players in my port - both play for the same team, Inter. Barella and Piatek. Massive chance of some PB dividends on a single match day with these two if they play.

  • Interested to see Lukaku's price drop if he has a stinker (which he's very capable of)

    Also as far as I can see has never won PB dividends in his time at Man U. And basically lost any hope of winning MB by moving to Serie A (until Euros admittedly) Overpriced much?

  • @LukeMalla @Chris-J on the other hand it's a really easy opportunity for some match day flipping, perhaps before a balls even kicked. With aouar (mid) and depay (fwd) a little bit pricey for flipping tomorrow imo, but nonetheless likely to get a lot of money between now an tomorrow night, I've picked myself a defender who's got a massive chance of being a significantly higher price 24 hours from now

  • Brozovic has 211 points at half time 😳

    Sensi has a pretty impressive 162 but it’s gonna be hard for him to take top midfielder unless Lecce score and he gets GWG.

  • @Coleyscrooge I know FI is more about goals than performances but Martinez tonight was much more impressive than Lukaku and scored really high points considering he didnt score and was subbed. I will be watching him closely. In Argentina squad for upcoming friendlies as well.

  • Just logged on to fi and checked PB scores. Figured it was a hattrick from Brozovic, 2 goals and an assist from Sensi and lukaku putting another 2 in plus 2 assists.

    But no, just the 4 - 0 against a pub team . Not knocking it but the rises on these players based on PB scores achieved playing dog shite is again way over exaggerated.

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