Portfolio now listed in random order

  • And not in order of purchase date.

    Any way to rectify this?

  • Have suffered this for months. No logic to it, bit in order of purchase, size of hold, profit, alphabet etc, its ridiculous. I have a big port, takes me ages to find players.

  • Given the endless potential of this platform, petty issues like this are surprising and disappointing. Surely it wouldn't be hard to have a 'sort by' option - just purchase date and number of shares would suffice.

  • Not that I know of. And for the first time my watchlist has completely disappeared...

  • This has just happened to me today, very annoying.

  • I was going to ask about this.
    When you can sort all the other tabs out in numerous ways, a bit disappointing that you then have to go searching in your port.
    I take it it didn't used to be like this?

  • No it used to be listed in purchase date order, that way you could more easily track who you'd held longest and who was still eligible for IPD. I can't see any logic to the current order.

  • My portfolio is currently still in the same order. Well by that I mean since my portfolio randomly rearranged itself a few months ago it hasn't done so since.

    That being said you could sort your portfolio on the BETA version (aah the good old days!)

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