Arkadiiusz Milik

  • What are everyones thoughts on Milik? I bought expecting him to have a good season for Napoli. It looks like he might go to Inter instead? How do you think that will impact his price? He is currently 97p. If the move comes off will he be bought for IPD?

  • Funnily enough I was just mulling it over myself. I have 1,000 at 91p. He rose nicely but dropped back 6p cos he wasn’t match fit for Saturday. If he stays at Napoli he’ll be their main man and I see huge growth potential. If he goes to Inter he will play second fiddle to Lukaku (similar type of player).

    But... I also own a lot of Icardi and everything I’ve read suggest he’s not keen on Napoli. Therefore I don’t think that swap will happen.

    Hoping Milik stays and Icardi goes to Juve

  • Yea, it is a tough one. Napoli should have a good season so im hoping he stays, its unfortunate hes not been fit as it would give a bigger indication if he was staying or not.

  • Why would Milik want to leave Napoli for Inter? Genuine question. Napoli are better and he would be their main striker.

    Nevertheless I think Lukaku might actually flop at Inter. Not sure why, just don't think it's gunna work out

  • @BradleyD don't agree with you - he's scored goals wherever he's played and been given a run (WBA, Everton, Utd) and Belgium's all-time goalscorer for some reason he's been given bad press. He's got another debut goal tonight too.

    Serie A has been strange transfer-wise especially for strikers and all hinges whether Icardi is still at the San Siro post deadline

  • @BradleyD I agree with you, I think his natural weight as a true man is going to be difficult for him to make that yard of space, however he flew past someone tonight so I may be completely wrong and Man u really need to sack the 50 fitness staff they employ

  • I have seen on Sky Sports that Napoli are looking at Llorente to come in. Bad news for Milik or does that mean a move is more likely?

  • @Sir-Craven haha Milik is their main man. Lorente is a very average 48 year old

  • @SteveP - Hopefully you are right. With Icardi looking like he is going to Juventus it should mean that Milik will be first choice. There have been Dortmund rumours for Milik but i cant see him going there.

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