• Nice to see he is finally starting to go back up. However, i havent seen many buys on the ticker. Are people simply just taking out of the sell queue? Any information on this as just proves it was market mainpulation as to why he went dow to 6.82

  • @Jdog manipulation 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 i doubt its that, people just thought he was going to Barca and had/have good reason to think that but transfer window is closing soon and a deal of this magnitude would take a while.

  • @Shippers trust me when he was at about 6.95 somebody kept putting them in and out of the queue which would have resulted in people is at the price was falling further. There was a point when it kept going down by about 13pence the same guy listing his shares/ similar group of people.

  • @Shippers they had no intention if selling him as they had so many shares. They would do it in the day and then by the morning he had gone back up 12 or 13 p. As would take them out of queue in middle of night

  • @Jdog all that is very risky for 13p, people with alot of shares are entitled to sell too it just hurts the price a bit more tham the avergae Joe. I personally dont think its manipulation, alot of negative stories or a transfer back to Barca that could hurt his price have followed Neymar so people maybe just put him im the que to get rid of.

  • @Shippers no but when the same peraon keeps list and then delisting what is that ? Its not like he genuinley wanted to sell them otherwise he wouldnt have keep canceeling the sale. Im not saying the whole decline was due to market manipulation but the decline from about 6.90 something down to 6.82 was

  • @Jdog have you ever put a player up for sale then taken him back out for a certain reason, i know i have. I don't know if it was or not but the transfer stories plus others havent helped his price. I expect if you held him with the substantial amount of money this person had you'd rather not IS. I doubt groups would target Neymar as we speak, they seem to go for lower end players which has happended numerous times

  • @Shippers ive never put a player in the sell queue and then cancelled at the same time for multiple days and then cancelled at yhe same time for several days

  • @Jdog that been happening for days has it? I havent seen his price go from £6.90 to £6.82 for days on end?

  • @Shippers it was around the 12 of august it halpened for a good few days maybe 4 or 5 i remeber watching it happen. Thats why he went to 6.82 but didnt carry on going down. Look at his graph. Im not saying his whole decline is just down to market mainpulayion of course not but the decline from 6.90+ to 6.82 was the same guy keep listing and deslisting

  • @Jdog

    How do you know it was the same guy?
    it doesn't show on the ticker when you sell to the queue

  • @Advinculas-Index cant be certain but ad i said wad going up and down by the same amount at the same time evryday

  • Neymar hasn't been manipulated... Its just natural that evrry time he drops below £7 new buyers see the opportunity and he bounces back. I've topped up 500 the last two times he dropped. He's the most traded player on the index so will bounce up and down.

    You only know it's funny business if the drop is like 10p in seconds AND a subsequent rise happens with no trades on the ticker at some point that day....its a way of buying out the sell queue at reduced cost.

  • @Jdog
    Oh - i thought you were going to reveal that there was a way of seeing when traders put them in the queue
    I recall making a similar comment at the time that there was possibly some manipulation going on as the same pattern was re-occurring at roughly the same time each night for a few days.

  • @Advinculas-Index yes thats what i was talking about. I cannot say for certain that it was the same person but it was a very high possibility that it was

  • There’s an opportunity now, I haven’t checked the price but with Mbappe out for a month and Cavani our for 3 weeks PSG will not want to sell until at least 1 is fit, and that will be beyond the end of the window. Expect Neymar back in the team and likely MB as the saga draws on for the rest of the window

  • @Vespasian32 said in Neymar:

    You only know it's funny business if the drop is like 10p in seconds AND a subsequent rise happens with no trades on the ticker at some point that day....its a way of buying out the sell queue at reduced cost.

    Thats exactly what happened at least twice a couple of weeks back when he rose by 14 pence in an instant after dropping rapidly.

  • hi, just reading this and wonder can a kind person educate me a smidge? I think I read something about MB being dependant on names used in press. Does neymar do well /better than 2 named players cos he only has the one name? I can't find the thread that I thought I read it in again. Thanks.

  • @harleyquinn yes so say for example the title says neymar and lukaku transfer news. (Which many have done) neymar will recieve credit but lukaku wont. Its because neymar has lile five manes or something so they use a singular name.

  • @Advinculas-Index thank u i knew i wasnt going crazy

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