Port taken a 72 hour pounding!!!

  • Since end of play Friday just gone my port has taken a pounding,
    I knew there is usually a drop off come beginning of the week but bloody hell!!
    Even those who performed and scored / assisted have taken a plummeting.

    (oh and Mbappe out for at least 4 weeks....GREAT!!!)

    Anyone else had a bad 72 hours?

  • @gball1975 I wouldn't say I have taken a pounding but my port has been steadily dropping. Around 0.5% per day

  • @Squire1905 OK - taken a 2% drop off - but it seems a pounding as it isn't usually this much on my port.

  • @gball1975 Yeah I know what you mean mate, won't be long before it picks up again! I imagine lots of people will be changing their ports up with a view to the Euro qualifiers

  • @Squire1905 Bloody hope so... for my own reason hoping Moussa Dembélé gets called up to the French squad especially now Mbappe is out.

  • Down 0.23% on 24 hours but up 3% over 7 days.

    Harry Maguire down nearly 20p a future this week and Tielemans 8p a future isn't helping, but I got lucky with Griezmann, pulgar and Bernat getting dividends and price rises

    They are 2 of my 3 PL players, think I might wait for them to rise, cash in for a little profit and slam them into a bundesliga or serie a player

  • @gball1975

    I suspect you have a port heavily invested in the top end players

    if you look at the top 200 over the last 24 hours around 95% of them are down

    Personally, my port suffered a drop on Saturday and the recovered slightly early Sunday before dropping again post match as all of my players apart from Harvey Barnes failed to turn up. However, but has slowly risen since then and is almost back to where it was before. (mainly due to mid priced french league players.

    Its all cyclical and the top end will see investment going back in next


  • @Advinculas-Index Yeah I hear what you are saying. For me mainly Brewster, Mbappe, Pulisic, Lukaku are the main drops but all my port is down. I know it will all be back up soon enough (apart from Mbappe) just not seen such a drop over the whole port is such a short space of time.

    Either way...no panic...patience is the key after all.

  • It all depends how football index is being used by the masses or new customers.

    It’s currently a quick flip high risk short term trading platform.

    No decent growth for the people who built their portfolios pre season with mb/pb in mind in the near future if it carries on like this.

  • @gball1975

    I’ve just been hit by so many injuries to my biggest holds. Mbappe, Jesus, Goretzka. These have caused the biggest impact but everyone seems to be down a few pence.
    I’m not concerned. All the money going into Depay and Aoaur for tonight. Will move around again tomorrow. On the plus side it’s already making its way back up to my peak.
    The phrase 2 steps forwards and 1 back is the most important thing to remember on the index. The money will come again 💴 💴

  • Yeah down about 2% over the last couple of days. But as my name suggests. Keep calm and remain patient.

  • This is the most volatile time I have seen on here since starting in March.

    All players seem to be having big gains then drops.

    Either FI has moved the goalposts on the number of shares needed to move the price or lots of the new investors are buying large number of shares for quick flips on individual games.

    That seems a bit risky to me and even if you have a few quick wins you will get burned at some stage.

    If in doubt hold, then hold and hold a bit longer. I have made mistakes by selling the likes of Maddison and Mount at the end of last season and seen the price soar so I am happy with my port and will sit back and watch, whilst looking to jump on the next Maddison or Mount.

  • Pattern seems to be drop slightly at the start of the week then build back and surpass my peak again. Cant be going up 100% of the time. There will be a point with bigger drops I'm guessing hopefully everyone doesn't panic sell just be patient.

  • @gball1975 ohhh, is that why he’s decreased so much? Was wondering why Mbappé’s price had tanked

  • @Andy Yep...upto 4 weeks out...and with the Euro qualifiers coming up aswell!!!

  • @Mr-Random-number said in Port taken a 72 hour pounding!!!:

    It all depends how football index is being used by the masses or new customers.

    It’s currently a quick flip high risk short term trading platform.

    No decent growth for the people who built their portfolios pre season with mb/pb in mind in the near future if it carries on like this.

    There is. That’s like saying everybody that isn’t flipping is losing.

  • @Mr-Random-number Brozovic, Pjanic, Pulgar - just 3 PB players I can name very quickly off the top of my head that have flown. It was the same at the start of last season - the early PB winners have rocketed. Those that haven't had an early win or posted a good score have dropped. The PB game is a season long one, and as long as the PB players you hold still fit the new matrix their time will come. People are over-reacting both positively and negatively to one game at the moment - it will settle down.
    The single game flippers, on the other hand, are great and the platform needs them. They are predictable and easy to read but also pay FI a lot in a commission which will ultimately fund a dividend increase.

  • The trend at the moment seems to be "jump on anything that moves" rather than a trend around certain types of players.

    The fact that Brozovic rose by so much, so fast last night was interesting as it was after the dividend deadline, and traders have had plenty of time to recognise that he is clearly a solid PB bet on any given matchday. Why wait until the horse has bolted before getting involved? Is he going to post 300+ PB scores every week? Of course not. He only rose as high as he did as people are following the "jump on anything that moves" approach.

    By the same token, any tiny negative action/outcome for a player seems to be triggering a big drop. Mbappe being injured for a month really shouldn't trigger such a drop in his price, as for his price you would think traders would be buying into him as a long-term hold rather than a quick flip. Sterling shouldn't really be dropping by 10p after his exploits on Sunday - he scored a goal in a win for City!

    Hopefully it will settle down as people get used to matchday trading again after the break over the summer, but it is very volatile at the moment.

  • My whole port is based on long term holding, not dividends.

  • I took what I thought was a gamble before the start of the season and changed to about 8k worth of IPD players,the initial gains as others bought into these players was massive but I think everyone saw these gains in the first few weeks of August.
    Now I’m just selling these players as they score or assist and moving on to the next player it is going really well, I think how volatile the platform is at the min is good if you want to do this but it takes so much time and I have been burned by a few.

    Long term holds up 2.3% since the start of August the IPD players and cash I’m up 26.1% in the same time,since Friday I’m 6.2% up

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