Yussuf Poulsen, nice 30 days ahead...

  • £1.24 at the moment feel like hes a good shout for some IPDs and short term CA over the next 30 days. Regularly turns out for Leipzig. Denmark have Gibraltar and Georgia in the euro qualifiers so pretty confident theres a few goals/assists IPD to be had there too.

    Another cheaper option for Denmark is Kasper Dolberg at 93p. Doesn't have his spot nailed down in the starting XI for Denmark but should still get some good minutes over the two games I'd imagine

  • I’m in on this, you have to think ahead, lots of good reason’s to buy him.

  • I posted this video on YouTube around an hour ago talking about analysing the fixtures and explaining why I bought Poulsen


  • Great shout, could be profitable both long term and short term I think. Short term for the reasons you mentioned and long term as he has stated in the past he would love a move to the prem. Last year was a good year for him and if he follows it up this year he has the build for the premier league so I would imagine should have some interest

  • I think there are some great things about Poulsen that make him attractive on FI;

    • 24 Years old
    • Champions League Football exposure.
    • Euro 2020 eligible.

    Top that off with a good season and you can add transfer speculation to that list.

  • @Tom77 Can easily see a 10p rise over the next couple weeks, maybe pushing 30p+ with a few goals based on the current volatility of the market.

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