Football Index Family Tree

  • Out of pure curiosity, I decided to go on a mission to trace my Football Index family tree... right back to the start, which was, ahem (last August). After several painstaking, gruelling seconds, sifting through my mixed history- Hector Bellarin... what was I thinking??- I found the information I was looking for; I now know who started it all!

    It turns out my first purchase made me a profit, meagre but a profit is a profit after I sold him only a few weeks later (after an average start to the season). Bought, as Everton had a nice run of fixtures, alongside the fact that I couldn’t even spell ‘Football Index’ let alone understand it, Cenk Tosun started my FI life.

    Now, even though old Grandad Cenk is ‘Tosun’ it off on the Everton bench, I’m tempted to purchase a minuscule amount in him for old times sake.

    Anyway, enough about my family tree... who started yours??

  • Sticking with the scouser theme I bought Shaqiri after he scored two against Man U in the derby. Bought at his peak price and he's pretty much declined ever since, sold after a couple of months. Early lesson learned, don't buy players that are on the trending list.

  • Bought Sergio Aguero in February earned me some ipd’s but didn’t sell at the right time & made a small loss, oh Sergio

  • Aaron Ramsey - 27/10/2017 - 2 shares at £1 each. Sold 03/11/2017 for £1.02 each. 4p profit banked. An auspicious start. I was buying mainly in single shares until the following May.

  • First purchase was £20 worth Moise Keane £1.86 (both pre share split) resulted in me 10 shares. Post share split I had 30 at £0.62 so looking good at the minute with him sitting at £2.59.

    However how much longer I hold these are debatable as thinking of selling all my shares in players in the top 200 and just buying "bargains" and hope for CA rather than dividends.

  • Quite new to the platform but my first purchase was 235.50 quid in Bernardo Silva on the 23/05/2019. It got me 150 shares at 1.57 which i sold for about a 60 percent profit if i remember it correctly (including dividens). My second was about a minute later which was Youseff Poulsen who went up quite quickly for me but i sold him far to early based on his current price!

  • I had just shy of £175 as my first deposit on 07/12/18 so I bought 8 whole Neymar for £140 and then 10 shares of Lucas Torreria at his absolute peak. Still hold both and we know how Neymar's doing but Torreria is at a big loss and I just don't know whether to continue to hold or accept that it's time to part ways.

  • @Brabbn moise kean was my first purchase too.

    Alas, sold too early, bought back into him too late and sold before the Everton transfer at a loss!!

  • I bought 2 each of Joe Allen, Wayne Rooney, and Lionel Messi with my initial £10 deposit in October 2016.

  • Mine was jack Clarke and Dwight McNeil 50 shares in each and both sold for a small profit

  • Started a couple of months ago, first purchase was Locadia. This quickly turned into a long-term hold after Matchday 1's horror-show.

  • I bought my first set of 6 players today. I just used 15 pounds to get used to the platform.

    Nikita Rukavytsa.... lost 20p on him after realising he is a 32 year old player plying his trade in the Israeli league. I had him marked as a early 20s Eredivisie player. I done my research after coming home from night shift. Am glad to make this mistake now rather than for bigger money. I need to be a little more careful. The other 5 are 3 who I know who they are and 2 who are who I thought they are.

  • first player I ever signed was Ruben Neves and Harry Kane, brought both in June. Still hold both and see no reason why to sell either.

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