• Debating whether to do something a bit crazy a perhaps drastic and sell all my players who are in the top 200.

    I don't hold enough shares in anyone to really benefit from media dividends so i've been selling shares and reinvesting in players (sometimes the same ones) when they have an easy run (on paper) and benefiting from 30 days IPD.

    Now whilst it's very true that you don't realise any profit/loss until you sell the player it's common sense that whilst it's more an of unknown, the chances of a £0.40 - £0.60 player doubling in value is more likely than a Mbappe, Sancho etc.

    So would you all be calling for the men in white coats if I dumped all my shares in Mbappe, Sancho, Sterling, Kane etc and then just played the CA game?

  • Everybody uses FI in different ways to make profit, my port is very diversified so I play a bit of cap app, bit of PB, bit of MB & a bit of IPD, even have Russian league stars in the hope they come over

  • @Brabbn if you don't hold them in high numbers is it because you've not put loads of money in index... And as a follow on, is that because you are treating it as a gamble and essentially willing to lose it all? In which case.. As per the discussion in the £20-£100 thread... Yes go high risk and try and make big gains on cheapies. I wouldn't hold top 200 if I wanted to turn a small pot into a big one.

    However, if you want lower risk, then doesn't matter on deposit size, you should try to diversify strategies as well as number of players.

  • @Vespasian32 well I started off putting in a wedge every month on pay day, however trying to save and pay stuff off means less free cash to put into this at the minute. I've not actually put any "new money" into FI for a while and instead just used dividends, and money i've made from buying low and selling high.

    I've actually got about £20 sitting in available fund at the minute so I could do my own £20 thing and almost split portfolio into two, one that I will sit on and get the dividends on and one that I can just throw around and to hell with the consequences :P

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