Millonarios 4 year thread

  • I bought my first shares totalling a princely sum of 14 pounds 95 pence. I get my savings scheme pay out from work on Friday so I'll have more that I can afford to risk than 15 pounds.

    Anyway I went for young Eredivisie players at low prices in the hope that they can improve and move up the ladder in the next few years. I'm going to post the players I'm buying here and use this thread mainly for myself to track the players. But if others want to get involved that's cool. I have watched football for 25 years but I am a total rookie at football index so any advice is very welcome. I have no idea about dividends, media buzz, etc. Etc. But I doubt the players I'm targeting will get that in the short term future anyway.

    Timo Baumgartl PSV 13 shares @35 p a share
    Olivier Boscagli PSV 10 shares @ 32p a share
    Erick Gutierrez PSV 10 shares @ 22p a share
    Albert Gudmunsson AZ 10 shares @ 22p a share
    Osama Tannane Vitesse 10 shares @ 17p a share
    Nikita Rukavytsa FC Twente10 shares @ 11p a share

  • Friday is pay day for a lot of people and a lot of money will be going into the index on Friday and prices will be at a premium. Then after matches players are sold and prices are lower on Monday/Tuesday. Depending on the size of your planned investment, and the players targeted, might get more value by waiting until Monday to trade.

  • @Millonarios good luck matey

  • Thanks Lads, so Friday is a day to sell in theory? Thanks for the advice and everything.

    By the sounds of it people buy and sell their players on a daily basis?

    My plan was to play a long game, buy mostly 18 to 22yo and sell them in a few years.

  • Remember your shares are only valid for 3 years if you keep them any longer you lose everything

  • In the past pre match and during the match were the best times to sell, post match prices fall and this is the best time to buy. Things seem a lot more fluid and volatile at the moment.

    As a new trader if you have a spending spree on Friday you may have a nasty surprise on Monday when 75% of your portfolio drops into the red. This weekend more so than normal due to 1st pay day of the season.

    Two current threads highlighting the weekly cycles and current volatility include:

    I want everyone to deposit what they can into FI, just giving you a warning. Also the players you have already selected seen less likely to be affected, think EPL and players on TV are affected more so.

  • Rukavytsa is 32 and plays in Israel. Not sure how he fits in with your strategy?

  • @BradleyD I know, i sold him and lost 20p. Its a bad start but i had jotted him down as a 20yr old prospect, IDK how i did that but it was at 6.30 am after a night shift at work.

    I learned my lesson there, thankfully without investing too much. I need to be way more careful.

  • @Journey I didn't know that. I'm going to have to look at contract expiracy when i am buying i think, or maybe look at buying players a little older than i am at the minute.

    Some of these players i bought might be contracted until 2024 and happy getting a football education at their current teams.

  • I am in profit by 1.52 after buying 33 shares of Theo Bondonga at 35p each

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