Aleksandr Golovin

  • Anyone know the reason behind Aleksandr Golovin's rise this afternoon?

  • @Sinex82 Big player for Russia. Qualies next week.

  • watched a bit of the Monaco match at the weekend and I really like the look of this latest lineup of theirs with pace out wide, flair in the middle of the park and strength and goals in attack... they dominated Nimes in the first half then the red card changed everything and they ended up lucky to get a point... I really don't know what's happening at Monaco but they have been seriously unlucky over the last year because they have a bloody good side and just can't get a string of wins together.. Maybe they need a bit of steel in their MF as Golovin and Silva (and Fabregas) are pretty lightweight but player for player the XI they had out on Sat should be seeing off the likes of Nimes at home!!

  • took me to 100% on him so sold half now free rolling 8-)

  • @dannypea Maybe they have too much steel as that's the 3rd match in a row that they've had a player sent off :P

  • I brought in after seeing him this weekend with Monoco. He handled corners, free kicks and looked hungry to score as well as set an assist up.

    Chased by several European teams before he joined Monoco. I'm holding longer term as if lucky and Monoco carry on this season like last he will move to a team that can give him Champ League football.

    Also this weekend they played with 10 men and lost a 2-0 lead following the red card. Before this they where in control and nearly every ball was being played through him.

    With internationals and him being a major player for Russia's team it just made sense to put some money against him.

  • Haven't heard much about him since the world cup.looks a bargain tho. Monaco not doin the best tho

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