Detailed PB midfielders analysis, why is Xhaka so cheap in comparison to players with similar returns?

  • The image below is the midfielders ranked 11-19 for PB returns (footyindexscout).


    Pjanic £1.74, age 29
    Perisic 70p, age 30
    Alberto £1.56, age 26
    KDB £4.15, age 28
    Ramsey £1.14, age 28
    Xhaka 85p, age 26
    Savanier £1.65, age 27
    Brozovic £1.65, age 26
    Kroos £1.58, age 29

    It's hard to understand why Xhaka is so cheap in comparison to the others when their PB returns are very similar, he's the joint youngest there too. When MB opens up to squad players he could get the odd win as Arsenal captain (Swiss captain too), Xhaka/KDB/Ramsey are the only real contenders on that list capable of the odd MB win.

    What do you think, is Xhaka under priced, are some of them overpriced?

  • @NallyCat did xhaka win these on single match days? Not sure but he just doesn't appeal to me at all. Worth watching though based on your analysis.

  • If it helps your decision at all.
    Screenshot 2019-08-27 at 17.51.17

  • @Stevo think a few were on double/treble days.

  • @Feldy Cheers, also got Ireland and Gibraltar on his 30 day.

  • @Feldy do you have these stats for Ramsey as a comparison? Next cheapest under 30. Not masses different in price,just wondered if it reflected to the stats

  • @NallyCat hmm fair enough then. I reckon hes typically one of those that has a rise when he wins and then sneaks under the radar again under the next win and rises again. Now is probably the perfect time to buy in that case.

    Does he take any free kicks corners etc for arsenal?

  • Ramsey

    0_1566925254411_upload-b601163b-8422-4eb0-806a-1c37219b4eec Screenshot 2019-08-27 at 18.00.29

  • @Feldy that's interesting compared to xhaka then as I dont expect Ramsey to get as much media although probably better PB should he actually make the squad sometime soon. I was hoping for a big season from him but hes got so much competition in that side. Cant believe they wont play him on 400k a week though.. back to xhaka, I agree with above, timing is key with him, he should spike a decent amount, maybe Sunday if he starts well, with fewer games being played. Could be a good time to jump in, arsenal are looking like they could be decent this year.. that's my 2bobs worth anyway..👍

  • I should admit I topped up when I noticed the discrepancy, long term hold for me.

    0_1566926364051_xhaka top up.PNG

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