Does the market close after a certain time?

  • Hey guys I’m new at this. Does the market for this close at a certain time?

    I brought shares with 3 different players and only 1 have them after moved in price in the last 4-5 hours?

    The one that has dropped, dropped by 1p.

    Was just wondering if someone could just enlighten me. Thank you.


  • @Chadd no, it closes after certain announcements etc but not generally so you can be sneaky if you like and trade in the early hours should some news break...👍

  • @Dan-w okay sweet. Thank you for the quick reply!

  • @Chadd 👍 I'm not an addict though....🤣

  • @Dan-w sure, you could quit anytime you liked 😂

  • @Dan-w I believe you 🤓 Do the prices update like every couple of hours? Or every minute etc. I’m looking on my portfolio and it seems like the 3 players I have a staying at the same price constantly.

  • @Chadd the market closes in the sense that you have to buy before 2pm to win any dividends on matches within that day but not in the 'you can't buy any players sense'. If that makes sense 🤣

  • @Chadd they go up and down depending on people buying and selling. If no one buys or sells enough then they will stay the same. Rule of thumb is 900 shares to move 1p up or down. If you watch the market,then green flashes mean trades. Red means sales I think...

  • @Chadd I think it updates every minute but don’t expect too much fluctuation every minute. Some strategies on here are to buy a player now knowing nothing will necessarily happen for a while but when it does it will fly up.
    Remember there is an endless list of players on here and what your interested or what may seem logical to rise in the real world doesn’t really mean it will right away or at all.
    FIs interest is daily ins and outs of monies hence the dividends so those match days and games will usually have some quick risers on that day and others will be ignored to some degree.

  • @Chadd

    Prices are updated constantly in real time. Any increasing and decreasing figures are taken from exactly 24 hours ago, so this time yesterday all Inter players were a lot higher than their current price.

    All new traders should read the "All things Football Index" thread pinned to the top of the forum subject list.

  • @Dan-w Oh yeah I get all that thank you. So the portfolio basically does show a live version of the prices basically then.

    Oh well I’ll have some fun. See if I can make any money haha

  • Good luck!🤞

  • @Chadd like @Martyn-B has said have a read at the all things football index thread. The more you understand it the more likely you are to make money and the more you’ll enjoy it. Its a great platform and if you do it right you’ll love more than any other form of gambling.

    Good luck and enjoy

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