• Just jump on mbappe as i feel looking at how the market has gone he gone down from his injury and one bad game but as soon as he put back in the line up he will go back up 20/30p at least that day from all the short term holders letting him go and jumping back on
    Also with a bit of forward planning cant see him going down much lower considering he will be a star at the euro and most probably transfer spec over the summer to Madrid

  • He's as safe a long term hold as there is in my opinion - likely to be at a top club in a top league within 12 months (and the media show that will go with it), and the star player for the current World Champions. All before the age of 21.

    There is always the risk of serious injury, but you have that with any player that you invest in.

    For me, the question with Mbappe is when to buy in. Could he drop lower? I think he might shed another 10p or so, but unlikely to go too much further down I think...

  • @Chunky I guess the only thing holding him back is the lack of dividends he wins. Unless he scores a goal or 2, he as no chance of winning

  • Mbappe is a really strange one for me...

    On one hand, for as long as he keeps his pace he will be one of, if not the most feared forward in world football. At PSG he will be guaranteed a shit load off goals and will always shine so cap app should grow with the index.

    On the other hand, I held him from around £4.80, and was considering selling before he got injured because @ 6.90 ish I was wondering where his price would go anywhere soon? 10% would make him King and despite his immense potential, I could never see that happening anytime soon. I jumped out as soon as he got injured at a nice profit on original cost and unless there are links to England, or another territory open ups so there will be a huge influx of money, I think I will be making money elsewhere as it will be easier to do.

    His price certainly wont be doubling any time soon. 10 -20% would be surprising by the end of the year and probably no divs.

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    If dybala and icardi both go to psg, that also has implications for mbappe.

  • @MrWh1te What implication? Dybala to replace Neymar, Icardi for Cavani. I think Mbappe is still the main man.

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    I am not so sure he will be and this will impact game time.

  • You can certainly tell who’s sold or doesn’t hold on here. Mbappe’s game time being questioned 🤣 doesn’t earn divs if he doesn’t score! The kid is 21 & only messi beat him for goals which he scored more than he played last season 33 in ligue 1, so yes he will play every game he’s fit & yes he scores lots & not to mention the Euros

  • Huge over reaction to Mbappe at the moment.

    He had 1 average game at the start of the season and then got injured. If you brought Mbappe you didn't buy for a short term flip, you brought because you believe once Messi and Ronaldo step down he will be the best player in the world, so why after one small injury or poor game would you believe this still isn't going to be the case.

    Future king.

    Buy in the dip.

  • Avoid with a shitty stick. That groin injury will trigger again if they rush him back. Spread is big, not likely to win any divs until much nearer the end of season. And yeah psg might sign a goalscorer like icardi in next few days, or a pb beast like Dybala. Or neymar may stay and smash mbappe for PB evrry week.

  • @MrWh1te No coach would put him on the bench if he fits.

    @Vespasian32: I don't think PSG will sign both. If Dybala goes to PSG, Icardi is more likely to go to Juve (as Manzukic is leaving Juve). Even if Icardi goes to PSG, Mbappe is far better than him.

    Dybala is a PB beast and Neymar is a super PB beast. Replacement a super beast by a beast; so in principle, Mbappe is in a better situation compared to the last season.

  • @MrWh1te Ive heard it all now!!!
    Mbappe fit is the first name on that team sheet. Young, world's best young player, world cup winner, scores, assists, and is playing in his home country.

  • Yeah to be fair, his ability on the pitch is not in doubt. He will continue to terrorize that league. He is a bit of a pace merchant but as long as he keeps his speed, he will be elite.

    His price on the index will continue to grow with the index but I cant see him being king unless he comes to England.

  • All the while I'll buy 700 x a player for a quid who will earn me far more than mbappe this season 🙄

  • A PB average of 112 last season suggests Mbappe is far from unsuited to the FI PB matrix, and with the changes made to the matrix for this season its possible his average will increase. He made several very big PB scores, and for people who argue "he needs to score or assist in order to win divs" - well that is exactly what he does (similar to Ronaldo), so it shouldn't be a problem.

    He has been crowded out of PB at times by Neymar admittedly, but he won't be playing alongside Neymar forever - and he possibly won't be for very long at all. People are saying his PB could be "hindered" by a "PB beast" like Dybala coming in, but Dybala's PB average last season was lower than Mbappe's, so i don't know what people are worried about.

    Mbappe is highly likely to be one of the top 5 players in the world for the next decade or more, and as we have generally seen, the best players in the world tend to do very well for dividends on FI (Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar). As such Mbapppe is in line to do exactly the same over the coming years - his PB scores are good and may even improve over time, and over time i believe he will come into his own for MB.

    I would conclude he is an excellent pick on FI for those with a long term strategy.

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    @gball1975 yes. All that and still his team are looking at brining in two other top strikers.

  • @MrWh1te Barca have Griezmann, Suarez and Messi but are trying to sign Neymar. Does that make Messi a bad hold?
    PSG play 4-3-3 - its previously been Neymar and Mbappe either side of Cavani. Dybala would replace Neymar if he leaves and Icardi would replace/ compete with Cavani. Mbappe's place is not under threat and to imply so is plain ridiculous!

  • @MrWh1te Neymar leaves, Cavani is getting on abit so swap him out. Still Mbappe is the first name on the team sheet.

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    @janner73 yes it makes Messi less valuable and that is reflected in his price.

    I didn't say mbappe is a bad hold but it is certainly a question worth asking

  • @MrWh1te The is he a bad hold question is definitely a debate.
    Signing Dybala/Icardi in Mbappe's case I don't feel changes that debate. He doesn't return dividends now and based on that is over-priced. However, most holders, hold on the believe of future dividends on the basis that he will be the best player in the world when Ronaldo/Messi retire.
    I guess based on that the whole debate comes down to whether you believe that is a valid reason to hold or not.

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