• @MrWh1te Dybala's PB average last season was lower than Mbappe's (100 vs 112), while Icardi's was down at 60. In what way would this damage Mbappe's div earning potential and make him less valuable?

  • @Wotabeast wasn't last season Dybala's worst for quite a while and Mbappe's best? So not sure that's the best comparison

  • @janner73 Injury drops are hillarious. So irrational, you see £1 players go down to 80p for a 2 month injury. Like it’s 20% of their career!

  • @Wotabeast
    Icardi will ensure mbappe never gets near mb and with a similar pb, dybala will share some of the pb (if ever).
    Granted neymar leaving may mean more pb on offer the rest but that's not a given.

  • @ChazFI123 Perhaps - but its all the data i've got to go on. Is Dybala likely to "block" PB for Mbappe to the same level that Neymar currently does though? I would say that's doubtful.

  • @MrWh1te I'm not sure Icardi's MB potential at PSG is greater than Mbappe's. That's a judgement call, but Mbappe has the Euros coming up so all eyes will be on him. I would say his MB prospects will improve over the next 12 months and keep getting better.

    Again, its a judgement call. I feel more confident making these sorts of judgements/predictions about Mbappe though, than i would about backing the likes of Greenwood to reach the heights some are predicting with such certainty.

  • @ScoutScout

    I think both Pep and Klopp are both fighting really hard behind the scenes.
    So hard I suggest, that is has even scared off the big two in Spain.
    That's what the most recent talk I've heard is hinting at, for me it goes a long way to explaining the relative "spike" of £2

  • I totally don't understand why people compare Icardi with Mbappe.

    Icardi had his best season (2017-2018) and did not even make the bench for Argentina. At the same time, Mbappe was a world cup star and champion at the age of 20.

    Currently, Mbappe is the most valuable player in the world and Icardi is a disaster. Inter want to get rid of him (even Lautaro Martinez is better than him now). It is so ridiculous to compare Icardi to Mbappe.

  • @MrWh1te Why can Icardi get a MB? He has never won any MB and what makes him become Media friendly when moving to FRANCE?

  • @Victory

    If his Mrs moves to England he'll become the MB king :p

  • I have a horrible feeling City will buy him😬

  • @Wotabeast
    I like your last sentence "...he is an excellent pick on FI for those with a long term strategy"!!
    That why he isnt in my port and others like Pogba, Neymar...I'm playing game on front of me and I expect 'money' now , not in nxt year, two years later or when Messi/Ronaldo will go to retire!! Like @Stevo said and I agreed with him, I prefer 10 shares of 1 player sub £1 or 7 players £1 sub then him cuz I'm sure they will delivery more (cap app/IPD) then him so I dont see the point to hold him for so long when you can make money elsewhere!But looks like he ticked all boxes for you...

  • @C-Arroyo Have not seen you for a while. Where have you been over the Summer?

  • @Victory

    Hiding out on the West Wales coast, in a rain splattered teepee with a gas bottled stove, water from a spring and not a phone charging socket for miles.

    It isn't that my shares don't appreciate, or that I'm against consumption.
    I just choose to reinvest in more shares, to pay for my decadent retirement :)

  • @C-Arroyo That sounds fun.

    I 'd like to leave my port for couple months without touching it, but the fact is I am currently checking my portfolio and forum 100 times/a day no matter what I am in the office, weekend or on vacation.

  • Quick question guys? Do I sell up my Mbappe’s and top up on Hazard? I think Hazard has hit his bottom, he should be back in a week or two and should win more dividends than Mbappe. Thoughts?

  • @Failtips said in Mbappe:

    Quick question guys? Do I sell up my Mbappe’s and top up on Hazard? I think Hazard has hit his bottom, he should be back in a week or two and should win more dividends than Mbappe. Thoughts?

    No, keep Mbappe. You'll thank me for it in the long-run.

  • @Boris999 cheers pal

  • @Failtips you can put some money into Hazard that might well be a good move.
    But don't sell Mbappe for it.
    He's young, very.
    He's going to star for France in the Euros, they could win it.
    He will move from PSG in time (I reckon next summer), probably to Real.

    Imagine the potential for a rise in price and MB if you stay patient. That's my advice anyway, I topped a little. Let's hope it was worth it! Good luck mate.

  • I recently sold Mbappe but I absolutely intend to get back on later in the season as the euros approach.
    The reason I sold was prompted by the injury but I was already considering it due to his seemingly CURRENT inability to win divs of any kind (pb or mb).
    I was stubborn for a long while and ignored other traders comments of "your £7 per share in Mbappe can earn you much more much faster invested elsewhere"....until he pulled up the other night and that's when I gave in.

    Havingc said this, I'd advise you to HOLD Mbappe. I'm sure he'll come good eventually.

    I just needed capital to fund my shortterm flipping strategy and Mbappe just happened to be the weakest link at the time I decided to embark on this new direction.

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