Can I win dividends even if i didn't own the player at the time he played?

  • Forgive the stupid question, say Arsenal are playing at 3pm on a Saturday and Aubameyang scores 4 goals therefore topping the PB list, and i then buy him at 7pm after seeing this, will i earn the dividends?

    If so, does this also count for In Play Dividends aka money for each of his goals.

  • @ShelveyFanClub you will get IPD dividends but you wont Qualify for PB dividends unless you buy before 2pm

  • @Black-wolf Ah okay thanks. That explains why a players stock goes up when they score one goal, even if they're a 36 year old CB, I suppose if you're getting the IPD it's surely worth getting in and investing even if it's just for that day or is there a negative to that?

  • @ShelveyFanClub its hard to get in on a player if you are chasing IPD’s as the price will already have risen by the time you buy and if people feel the cap app out weighs the dividend returnthey may sell before midnight which means you will get the dividend but you may end up holding a player thats worth a lot less than yoh paid for him. My advice is buy players you believe in like ones that play for your club or others you are a fan of put do a little research on them and how the index may benefit them. And then just hold them and watch and learn as much as you can about the index. Try stay away from short term holds until you are confident you know what you are doing because the index moves way ahead of game day people are already buying players for games that are weeks or months away

  • @Black-wolf Thanks for the advice. I think i've started quite well for a noob, invested about 350, main chunk in young prospects (Felix, Kubo, Odegaard etc) and then also players i thought would have a good season in the PL such as Almiron.

    Have no intention of buying someone random purely for IPD for the reasons you described above, what i've learnt so far though is buying 1 share in someone is pointless and that i wish i went bigger on Joao Felix!

    Playing more of a long game then a quick buy/sell game but seems like the majority aren't playing like that

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