Martin Terrier

  • thoughts on this guy please? ive held him for a little while but withReine-Adelaide going there it seems to have affected his price - is he still a long term hold or is he going to fade into the background??

  • I ended up selling. Really like him as a player, but he's getting less game time. There are players more likely to earn you money both short term and long term for the same price.

    tbh, Kasper Schmeichel will probably see better returns over the next couple of weeks (I don't hold) as a short term hold, and as a long term hold, you could get Schlager, Rongier, Sargent, or Jacob Bruun Larsen (I hold Sargent)



  • I hold him i was going to sell but in the last few games hes been brought on in replace of Dembele and and Traore so waiting to see if he will be playing in more of a forwards role this season. Hes still very young and looks very much to be in the game plans even though its just been sub appearances so far

  • @Moukoko Schlager is a very steady riser...only joined about a month ago but he's up 14p since I got in on him a couple weeks ago and doesn't look to be stopping yet!

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