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  • @NewUser731 Yeah lots of new users and the £1000 risk free promo as well.

  • @Timothee-Atouba

    Fortunately after stating that my only pre-season loss was down to the Spanish FA moving the goalposts on fixtures.....On Betis !!!

    I reinvested after they once again moved the goalposts.
    I took another punt a few days ago....Bartra, Canales, Tello, Fekir and the Moron.
    I don't do twitter, I don't identify as a male birdy and I'm neither in the habit of preening or performing a dance for my potential mates. It simply doesn't sit right with me.
    Today however it seems I have reason to thank the tweeters.

    A word of caution. When the Spanish announce fixtures, they are prone to changing them around.
    Added to which Borja Iglesias has a dodgy ankle, the risk that he's rushed back into action too soon, and subsequently out for a few weeks as a result, put me off.

  • I do actually think this rise puts their players at more like the correct value. Tello, Borja Iglesias and Canales were all way too cheap before tbh.

  • @BradleyD

    This was due in large part to pre-season.
    Whilst most teams were getting some sort of attention and coverage, Betis played their pre-season in Mexico against their club sides, whilst there were high profile games in the US. After returning they played a couple of teams from the Segunda.

    I couldn't get any details from these games and it was tough to guess as to how they would set-up and perform.
    I think we have the answers now.
    I'm not a big fan of the over rated Lo Celso.
    Fekir is a better player and will get the best out of those around him.

  • Pedraza seems to have been missed out in the betis rush. He’s classed as a mid playing as full back which may not be ideal but with Fekir as forward no reason why he’s not in with a shout for mid PB, also he’s a decent player and young and 52p

  • 52p vs Canales @ 96p playing in the no10 position vacated by Lo Celso.
    I'll stick.
    Pedraza was in my pre-season port until I saw where he was playing.
    Which encouraged me to top up on Bartra.

    Still, a far better shout than Mandi, who's not going to return much sitting on the bench - some are lacking in their due diligence looking at these rises.

  • @C-Arroyo
    Good to see you back!

  • Good point but Canales has shot up already and Pedraza hasn’t, so I’m anticipating the market rather than picking nailed-on PB winners.

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