Playing the Euros

  • Sold 300 Neymar last night (really surprised how quickly they sold actually) and spent about an hour looking through the Euro Qualifiers to pick some potential goalscorers.

    Complete change of strategy for me as I normally never get involved with short-term trading but I tried to pick players who are at least in PB leagues so I am not completely reliant on their national team qualifiers.

    Cengiz Under (Turkey playing Andorra and Moldova)
    Dzeko (Bosnia playing Liechtenstein and Armenia)
    Poulsen (Reasons been talked about in another thread, good fixtures)
    Patrick Schick (Czech's playing Kosovo and Montenegro, hoping he's still a starter?)
    Seferovic (Not in a PB league but Swiss playing Ireland and Gibraltar)
    Dzyuba (Not in a PB league but Russia playing Scotland and Kazakhstan)

    I also bought Kramaric and didn't realise he was injured (doh!) but I will hold as he has good PB.

    Have I made any other mistakes? Also nice to have a few more players to make regular match days a bit more exciting!

  • Nice list. I really like Poulsen but too costly for me at the moment. I've tried a similar strategy: players playing for the better Euro teams with good fixtures, cheap (under 50 p) and playing for a club team in a PB league. I'm reluctant to go for players in non-PB leagues but they may just be me.

    2 that I have gone for:

    Jens Stryger Larsen (Denmark playing Gibraltar and Georgia). He's a regular starter for club (Udinese) and country. 30p currently.
    Steven Zuber (Switzerland playing against Ireland and Gibraltar). Regular starter for Switzerland with pretty decent record. Back at Hoffenheim this year and started the first game. However, he missed the last club game due to a foot injury so some risk he may not play - I don't know how bad the injury is. 36p currently.

  • @Vaughany Thanks mate, appreciate the input and like the look of your two picks.

    Seferovic isn't in a PB league granted but he also has Champions League but to be honest i'm not planning on holding that long. Dzyuba is a low risk punt at 36p purely for Russia's two games.

    Hopefully keep the international break interesting anyway.

  • @Hound
    Dzyuba should definitely get a goal or two with those fixtures too. He's also on penalties I believe. Hopefully you'll get some decent dividends.

  • Giroud looks great value at 71p. France home to Albania and Andorra should see them rack up a fair few goals.

  • @janner73 Giroud was one I identified but wasn't sure if he is a guaranteed starter in that French team? I know it's kind of an ongoing joke about how he's always in the team but they played Thauvin, Ben Yedder, Griezmann and Mbappe last game so I thought maybe they were moving to a more fluid attack? Either way I wasn't sure so stayed clear for now.

    If he starts he's a great shout in a team full of goals.

  • I posted this in another thread:
    Based on the Euros I have gone with:
    Alexander Isak. £1.35. Swedish international and they play against the Faroe Islands and Norway. Expect lots of goals vs Faroe Islands.
    Yussuf Poulsen. £1.24. Playing well for RB Leipzig and is a Denmark international. Denmark play Gibraltar and Georgia.
    Jacob Bruun Larsen. £0.98. Another Denmark international. Also with Hazards injury should get more game time for Dortmund.
    Martin Odegaard. £1.98. Bought more because he is a great long term hold but Norway also play against Malta.
    Breel Embolo. £0.75. Scored at the weekend off the bench. The Swiss play Gibraltar and Ireland

  • @Hound It may be that he only starts one of the 2 - I would be surprised if he didn't start either. Interesting to see how they adjust with no Mbappe

  • Euro is from now to next Summer: Sterling & Mbappe

  • @Victory and Kane

  • @Sill7 Kane will have a much better Euro's than Sterling, Sterling doesn't suit England at all, his record is so so poor. Everyone was calling for Sterling's head during the world cup!

  • @Sill7 Yeah. They will be the main focus during the qualification and in Portugal next year.

  • What about Robert skov.... Anybody know if he is likely to start for Denmark,?

    Also like Kevin Mbabu who should start for Switzerland and is only 50p

  • How far in advance of matches are the teams confirmed by usually?

  • @Victory said in Playing the Euros:

    Euro is from now to next Summer: Sterling & Mbappe

    I don't doubt they will have a great Euros but this post was about selling my holding in a premium player (Neymar) to get on several players for the games next week. Not looking as far ahead as the actual tournament or at premium priced players.

  • @Abaalan said in Playing the Euros:

    What about Robert skov.... Anybody know if he is likely to start for Denmark,?

    I also hold Skov and have done since last year, he's played the last couple of games for Denmark and is now starting for Hoffenheim, so I'd wager he's cemented in that Danish first XI now.

  • I’ve gone for Forsberg for Sweden , hoping he’ll be their main man now back from injury

  • First time I've ever loaded up on really cheap players but have gone for Jens Stryger Larsen (currently 30p) and Viktor Claesson (currently 25p), both seem to be first choice for their country and Claesson even has a decent goals return recently for Sweden

  • @ChazFI123 Don't want to be the bearer of bad news but Claesson is out injured at the moment - he's missed Krasnodar's last 14 games due to injury.

  • @janner73 this is why I don't like doing that!! haha thanks for the heads up

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