• @Chris-J said in griezmann:

    I think Neymar still potentially moving to Barca is causing some hesitation in investing heavily into Griezmann.

    I'd expect Griezmann to really rocket if Neymar is still a PSG player by the end of the transfer window.

    Even so it just means neymar sets up more goals for him and you can’t get away from the euro’s. Griezmann is one of the best season long holds on the index right now at his price.

  • I had previously always stayed away from Griezmann but after a good start to the season and with Messi being injured he looks like a bargain right now. When you look at players £3 + he looks like he will return more divs than many of those players and at a fraction of a price.
    Before you even get to the euros next summer you would have made good money, imagine he comes to Man C or Liverpool in champs league knock outs and scores a couple his price will go mad.

    Currently a bargain price that is only going 1 way.


  • Why isn't anyone pointing out that these two upcoming international fixtures are against such solid opposition.
    France couldn't possibly score against Albania and Andorra without Mbappe.
    Could they ?
    Added to which these testing home qualifiers will be on the "double match days", where there is greatest value - only 7 eligible games.

    So Messi is injured. Suarez is injured. Mbappe is injured. Martial is injured.
    Someone has the horrible burden of helping himself to tap ins against the might of Osasuna, Valencia, Grenada and Villareal.

    I anticipate a lot more sprinkling of glitter and strumming of banjo's yet.
    If he has a good month, his price will continue to fly.

  • @C-Arroyo This man is the real deal,he will get better and better Messi will dribble but end product will be a pass to Griezmann to bang in the goals,maybe top scorer at European Championships with France as they have a solid team.

  • Griezmann has quietly become one of my best div earners recently. I didn't realise as he's not one of my biggest holds, so the amount of money he returns is low compared to some, but he has returned me a yield of 17% in dividends in 9 months, which is up there with anyone in my port bar Pogba.

    People used to say he was poor for divs at Atletico, but he returned a reasonable amount for me, and then people also said his move to Barca would be bad for divs as well. At the moment that look inaccurate as well. I also believe Messi and him will share PB between them when Messi returns - he won't be eclipsed by Messi - if anything he will be complemented by him.

    Though i bought in at a much cheaper price (£1.90), i still think he's great value at his current price.

  • He is the safest hold for me at the minute. Good fixtures coming up, in a world class team, and makes crappy videos about himself

  • Just got in on him. Hope I’m not late to the party! The fixture list and IPD potential swung it for me.

  • How will his price look if Neymar goes to Barca?

  • @Collymore10 drop- more competition for points in the FWD role in the same game.

  • @CleanShirtTrader I don’t think anything drastic will happen. If anything will probs continue to rise with Neymar feeding him. Still a very good option with upcoming fixtures (including France’s internationals). Good hold for Euros as well.
    I bought 100 a few days ago
    Also add in Messi is still injured, he’ll play striker

  • @Collymore10 said in griezmann:

    How will his price look if Neymar goes to Barca?

    Don’t see much of a change, he’ll be playing CF with Neymar and Messi supplying.

  • Neymar’s is also banned for the first 3 champions league games.

    The closer it gets to euro 20/20 hype the more griezmann’s price goes up anyway.

  • What’s everyone’s guess his price will be at the start of euro 2020?

  • @Collymore10 yeah I’d say £4 considering he’s slowly approaching £3 at a relatively quick rate. Possibly £4.50-£5 if he has a stormer of a season. He’s france’s main man after all (with Mbappé)

  • Just jumped on him... initially for IPD, but will see where he is at come the end of 30 days!

  • @Gibbers14 I’d hold him for the whole season and Euros. His price is only going to go up bar an injury

  • He has a great set of 30 day fixtures with Barca and France

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