• what are the chances of some decent gametime for him at Leipzig this year - is he ahead of the likes of Cuhna? and rumours of Schick going there! however if he plays surely he is undervalued?

  • @G27 I hold him and cunha so hopefully.

    He previously was amazing when he played there on loan and surely they've not spent £20m + to have him on the bench all season.

    I wonder whether he was bought with leipzig expecting werner to leave. Either way I expect him to play a fair bit and do well.

  • Lookman is a real talent, His balance is ridiculous. I was worried he was lacking something when Silva decided to get rid of him but after giving Silva his final chance in the 2 1 defeat to Aston Villa it is now obvious that man is a clown. Lookman is going to show Everton what they lost but I guess they still have Walcott.

  • Lookman came on when Werner went off injured so I reckon he's likely to be the main benefactor from the injury. Looking forward to seeing how he gets on with a good run of games. Hold Lookman and Poulsen and can see them both rising a fair bit this season

  • Could Lookman be going out on loan in January?

    Hasn't had the game time in that very strong Leipzig team.

  • @JK Read a report today that Cunha could be the one on the move in January.

  • @janner73 He could be worth keeping an eye on as well then.

    I wish they'd let Lookman go. He's wasted far too much time already and is too good to keep rotting away on the bench.

  • @JK Yeah really a strange one they chased really hard to get him from Everton and then wasted on the bench.
    If Cunha does move then definitely worth keeping an eye on where - hopefully stays in a PB league.

  • Lookman and Cunha at 95p could very well have bottomed out.

    As forwards, I really don't think they should be going much lower.

    It seemed the same with Hamed Traore at 95p as well.

  • I don't see him playing. I think Werner will be off but I won't be surprised to see haaland go there. He may get the odd league game but they are in a strong position so I don't see the team changing to much to be honest

  • I’m thinking lookman is a replacement for someone leaving next season. German clubs always seem well prepared.


    2 out of these 3 are going imo.

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