Mount or Kimmich?

  • A bit of a random one. Would you rather have Kimmich or Mount and why? I currently own both although I have a lot more futures in Kimmich. I know Kimmich should win me a decent amount of dividends but I still can't help thinking if I moved the money to Mount, it'd make me more long-term.

  • @Boris999 Mount...for the obvious reasons.

  • Think it's the old risk/reward debate, Kimmich is such a safe hold. Mount could have a great season for Chelsea, start at the Euro's and his price rocket. But he could also lose his place to Hudson-Odoi/Loftus-Cheek or lose his place once Chelsea could sign players. I personally would go Kimmich

  • Ok let me edit my initial response.
    Mount for the next 12 months.
    Kimmick if longer.

  • Kimmich only because ive recently sold Mount because although he looks decent for PB and maybe MB hes not a proven dividend returner so i felt he was getting a bit risky especially with CHO and RLC likely returning soon. Kimmich is an absolute monster when it comes to PB and he’s consistent too. Both are good holds but id say Kimmich is the safest of the two

  • I’d have to say Kimmich (I do hold) over the season he’ll guarantee you loads of dividends and his capital appreciation will most likely grow a bit more too. Could be a good time to sell Mount while he’s in demand (I don’t hold) his rise the last month has been massive! But after he gets this England call he will probably level out unless he continues to score goals a lot. But to me that’s a gamble when you can sell now at a good profit, Kimmich is guaranteed dividends.
    Good luck whatever you do mate

  • Kimmich is proven. Mount is promising but could be flash in the pan.

  • Not watched Bayern this year but are any Kimmich holders worried about Coutinho taking some corners or FKs off Kimmich & effecting his PB base?

    Think Coutinho has only had a sub appearance but did he take any when on? 🤔

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