Loftus Cheek - time to buy?

  • I know RLC is out for another couple of months, but does anybody think now is a good time to buy at 2.49? With Mount close to £4, CHO £4+, when RLC is fit surely his price will easily reach £4?

  • CHO and Mount are younger and more attacking players, comparing Loftus Cheek with those two is optimistic at best.

    With that said he looked great just before his injury (and posted some good PB scores) and can see his price going +£3 closer to his return.

    May find that price hard to sustain however if he's given a more disciplined role in the Chelsea team.

  • Bit too injury prone i think. I am considering buying, but that is what puts me off.

  • @DW As you said before he got injured was an absolute key player for Chelsea and if recaptures that form then why should he not get to beyond the £3 mark comfortably.
    Obviously now Mount has come on to the scene and impressed and with CHO on the way back there is some decent competition for places for sure.

  • Chong and gomes over him, you wait by the time europa comes round chong will be £2 and gomes touching £3.

  • Tempted to buy in. £3+ seems fairly certain so still a nice profit to be made.

  • @Gazz127 He was doing well, But he only actually started 6 PL games for Chelsea last seasonm which isn't many. Now he has to be nursed back in after a long term injury, and fight for a place. At the moment Barkley can't get in the side.
    And another worry is with these injuries, when they return they get a different niggle, IE hamstring tightens up.
    Long term, he's a good hold. But thats 12months.

  • For me, I think that on his first game back his price will be higher than it is now. Very unlikely it will be less. So if you want to put some money in a medium term hold then he is a very good hold. If you want quick money you can turn around then might not be your best use of funds. I'm holding but I'm happy with the slow and steady increase.

  • I think Abraham now looks the one who is undervalued, potentially England call up and looks to be Chelsea favourite to lead the line

  • @G27 I think the polar opposite, just look around FI and there’s barely any value in strikers, from what I can tell is Abraham in the top 5/6 strikers on the index? Is he currently in the top 30 strikers in the world? No chance. May well get an England call up but can anyone honestly say they think he’ll kick Kane out the team in the next 6 years? Also there’s every chance Chelsea will replace him once their transfer ban is up. So you’re essentially buying someone who could warm the England and Chelsea bench in the future. His short term value will probably continue to rise if he carries on scoring but I think he’s near the top of his price range

  • @NewUser731 Thinking along the same lines as you. If I buy I will see it as a fairly safe medium to long to hold. The risk is the injuries though, sometimes when players come back they pick up other injuries.

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