Harvey Barnes

  • Thoughts on harvey barnes a long way off some of the other young players prices on platform but moving along nicely and getting playing time. How far can he go?

  • @NewUser123565 I really like Harvey Barnes every time I watch him, really direct with the ball. You'd assume as well that if Maddison left (as his price suggests) then Barnes would be the direct replacement for him

  • Agree really like him and think he could be a great long term cap app player

  • @NewUser123565

    I just market sold all my Harvey Barnes.

    I might get involved again when he is playing every week, but at the minute, it's all hype and potential.

    When you realise he is now more expensive than James Rodriguez, it provides a bit of perspective.

    I'm not saying he won't grow further, but I'm happy to walk away with the profit and reinvest elsewhere.

  • @johnboywalker Did you reinvest in James Rodriguez then ?

  • @Gregolocky said in Harvey Barnes:

    @johnboywalker Did you reinvest in James Rodriguez then ?

    Nope, this is a long term plan from me, I bought into both proven and potential PB players about 2 months ago (after the sell off at the end of last season) with the expectation of selling at the start of this season. T Hazard, Depay, Zapata, amongst other now sold with excellent returns.

    That money is being reinvested in players with little volatility, and potential long term growth.

    Sane, Carrasco, Lewis Cook and Asensio (obviously 🤣😉).

    As they all get closer to returning to PB football, their prices will rise, and I will then look to sell.

    Regular PB wins is a myth and fantasy which only a handful of players attain (Messi et al)

    It's a case of Hype vrs Reality.

    I just try to spot the trends and get ahead of them.

  • @johnboywalker said in Harvey Barnes:


    why Carrasco?

  • @G27 said in Harvey Barnes:

    @johnboywalker said in Harvey Barnes:


    why Carrasco?

    A long story, but I'm absolutely convinced that he will move to a PB league in January.

    He is desperate to leave China. He went about it the wrong way this summer and behaved like a petulant child, resulting in the owners suspending him and refusing to allow his sale.

    It's a cultural thing, but the Chinese owners won't want to lose face by catering to the whims of a prima donna.

    Since this episode, he got his head down, worked hard, and is back to being a key player for the team. 19 games, 14 goals, 6 assists so far.

    The Chinese season ends in December, at which point, the club will sanction a move ... just in time for the January transfer window.

    He was previously as high as £1.28 when the Arsenal rumours were rife.

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