Selling up - Who goes first?

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    Here is my port. Currently £2800. Looking at withdrawing £1800 possibly over the month and leaving in £1000.
    Who do YOU choose to sell first?
    Who would you NEVER sell?



  • I would sell Abraham first. I would never sell Rashford.

  • I'd just sell an equal amount in all of them - the mistake i made at the start of this season was downsizing my holds from over 25 players down to 15. A few of the ones I sold have flown (Mason Mount being the biggest sickener) whilst the ones I've kept and topped up have stagnated :/.

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    Hmm, that's not a bad idea tbh. I could market sell 65% of each player and that would hit my target nicely.

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    @ChazFI123 I was afraid of that lol. Tammy one of my first holds and one I can't let go of (I mean I have tried, but always remove from sell queue)

  • I'd keep your big holds if you're just going to be leaving the £1,000 & not trading. Sell the rest.

    I'd keep:-


    And the only one I hold off that list is Kroos - so I'm not self promoting my own portfolio.

    Could all win MB or PB over the next year or so.

  • @ScouseSte I did exactly the same! I held Mount however but I did sell Fekir, Griezemann, Maddison, and Haland!! Fuming.....

  • @Squire1905 said in Selling up - Who goes first?:

    @ScouseSte I did exactly the same! I held Mount however but I did sell Fekir, Griezemann, Maddison, and Haland!! Fuming.....

    I feel your pain brother!

  • @MrWh1te if abraham keeps playing and keeps scoring he'll get in the england squad. In which case his price will continue rising.

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    @Ericali that's a good list.
    I don't trade often, I tend to just watch (a lot) and not much else.

    My reason for selling is I used £1500 from a cc which I now wish to pay off. Not in a rush (fees are 30 a month and I'm making 200 a month) but with RL bills etc, would feel more comfortable paying off, and taking out the extra would leave me with 1000 which is my profit since I started in January.
    Work is getting hectic again too and so a smaller port would be better for me.
    Still have total faith in fi and may not withdraw, just looking at options atm.

  • @MrWh1te I just think Tammy looks so overpriced compared to other strikers, seems to score poorly on PB (as do a lot of strikers), plus he won't start for England for probably 5/6 years cause of Kane, and there's a good chance Chelsea will replace him once their transfer ban is over. I'd personally take the profit, but I get the sentimental value haha

  • @MrWh1te

    Keep for ever; Kane, Tah, Dybala, Hazard, Neymar, Salah, Werner (all proven dividend winners) who have room to grow into the future.

    Sterling, Rashford, Icardi & Piatek would be the only others I'd consider keeping & cash the rest mainly for good profits.

  • Tammy, he wont go up much further. Drop over the international beak also possible.
    Put him in the sell queue and jesus, same reasons.

    Skim a bit of everyone else to make the shortfall.

  • @MrWh1te

    I'm all for you selling up your portfolio to use the cash in the real world. But this is not the ideal time to be selling.

    If possible, wait till the market is in a boom period. We get them a few times a year, for various reasons.

    Announcements, rule changes, deposit bonuses and IPO announcements are just a few of the contributory factors behind recent accelerated growth periods.

    Wait for one of these, and get out when the cup is half full. 👍

    (I'm getting more like Yoda every-fuckin-day lads)

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    My port is booming atm btw still :p

  • I hate selling at a loss, only done it on 2 players out of about 140 sold.

    Id sell those with decent profit (or skim them).

    Dont see Piatek going much higher - first sell
    Marega sell

    Demeble- keep for sure, wait for his return rise.
    Keep any div earners (Neymar) or potential big div earners (Kane)

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    @Westy Yeah Piatek has risen a lot lately too. I am well up on him, overall, he was much higher at one point and I sold him then bought back on on his slump, and his slump kept going :p

  • @MrWh1te said in Selling up - Who goes first?:

    My port is booming atm btw still :p

    You have a good portfolio.

    Yours may be 'booming', but many others are worrying, panicking and creating threads on the forum looking for reassurances, as their portfolios are stagnant or in decline.

    There are phases, be it weeks or months, when almost every single player on the market grows (even Jordan Henderson 😉).

    These are genuine boom periods ... when other forum users start creating threads about 'Football index full time' and other such whimsical ideas.

    That is the time to sell. 👍

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    Yes you are right.
    At the moment I am 30% for not changing, 50% selling and leaving £1000 and 90% selling £200 worth (I need it for RL and cant avoid unless I fail to turn £20 into £200 on sky bet this weekend lol)

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    Hmm another option is I sell up £70 a month and withdraw it, that would cover the CC, and the port would keep going up.
    Decisions, decisions!

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