2k investment

  • Looking for 2 to 3 players to invest in with 2k. Any ideas .. .. . Ones whom you think will rise most im the next few m9nths.. .

  • @Zola25 lys mousset 😏

  • @Zola25 any player with Euro 2020. You can name literally 3/4 players off the bat that will rise. Sterling, Rashford, Griezmann/Mbappé, KDB

  • Bale, pogba, Maguire, Sanches and rafinha

  • I fancy Rabiot to redeem himself at Juve.

    O Dembele in a bit of a rut with injuries and transfer guff... good time to get on, as still sure he will have a big game on here and in real world.

    Milik- has been quiet, tooo quiet.

    These are three im using divs to top up and bring my averages down on.

    I have a similar lump coming soon and going all on one or two players...someone in the yth bubble that has had a dip recently, but we all know the yth bubble cycle returns sooner or later...

  • @Westy

    How about chiesa and zaniola ?

    And moise kean..

  • @Zola25 I like all 3.

    Kean i think has had his recent spike, will have to become a regular scorer to gain more hype (he could do that, or could turn into a Walcott)

    Zaniolo and Chiesa havent reached their peaks at all yet... probs next summer with links to Prem or bigger euro mb clubs.

  • My 3 favourites the moment


  • As mentioned (the former twice) I'd go with Griezmann and also Rashford.

    Lower down the price range I'd throw in Benito Raman and Inaki Williams.

  • The correct answer, after I checked spains progress to date... Is morata and ramos. I've just bought 1000 of each.

  • @Vespasian32 said in 2k investment:

    The correct answer, after I checked spains progress to date... Is morata and ramos. I've just bought 1000 of each.

    Wow!! £10 per goal or assist vs. Romania away and Faroe Islands at home. 8-0 in that home game?

  • @Martyn-B hopefully!

  • Think Januzaj could be due a big rise this season

  • Federico Chiesa would be one I would definitely go for.

    Should get into the italy national team and provided he keeps us his fine recent form will get a lot of the top european clubs bidding for him in January or the Summer which should easily double his price.

  • @Vespasian32 he said next few months, not short term pumps and dumps of yours ;)

  • @Zola25 good time to get on Greenwood and Brewster now before the international break. After that you’ve got league cup (Liverpool drew MK Dons, United drew Rochdale) both will start n probably score. Plus both teams will have regular midweek games with Europe. I can see their prices rising after the internationals so get in early. (I do hold both)

    Eberechi Eze from QPR. Ripping up the championship and destined for a prem move. Exciting player in the mold of Zaha. Rose a lot this week but will only continue to rise and will get prem links in jan/next summer can see his £1.14 price rising a lot in the year

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