Humble Pie - A good read.

  • Enjoying reading this autobiography by Gordon Ramsay.

    Chapter 2 *Football

    Felt a real sense of affinity when he wrote :
    "Soaking, battered and bruised in the bath tub, repeating in my head - It doesn't hurt, I'm fit to play next Saturday".

    How many readers here put themselves out for being "too hard" ?
    I look at players going down/off easy these days and think, wise decision.

    He's quite right, we can maintain love for the game, whilst striving for excellence in new and different challenges.

    I enjoyed reading that Rangers make their players practice set-pieces with their weak foot and that his was garbage.
    Me I take corners with whichever foot provides an in-swinger (a proper no slice one) and it took many, many hours practice, along with a lot of angry protests from team mates whilst I got the hang of it.

    I'd agree with him on utility players, share his frustrations. If I were coaching any young players now, I'd be suggesting they nail down a single position, like Ramsay's choice LB. Getting games in CM or on the wing can be a critical detriment, in stepping up through the ranks.
    There were times when I would have demanded - I wear 7 and play RW.
    I mellowed out, but with hindsight I think I would have developed more, in pro terms, if not as a better all round player.

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