When FI Refuse To Buy A Player Back

  • His buy price has doubled today

    I bought in at 10p. (OK, so I had 44p left over and I bought 4 ha) but still... that's s a tidy little rise ha. Just can't instant sell anymore...

    0_1567017986148_Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 19.45.35.png

  • His IS price has been zero since he announced his retirement. Unless something extraordinary happens you might have to chalk it up as a loss.

  • @NewUser303261

    You might be right... seems odd to me that I didn't realise that this morning though.

    I have him up for market sell...

  • It sold! Woop Woop!

    And that's how you turn 44p into 73p!

    Smashed it! Move over Leo, there's a new wolf in town!

  • @Dan-The-Man blimey. There's a result I didn't expect.

    Who's bloody buying a retired player at that price?

  • He did mention he might come back out of retirement.

  • @NewUser303261

    He talked about coming out of retirement in a couple of months. That's why his price spiked.

    He wasn't being overly certain about it... but the hint made it sound possible.

  • Buying him is bonkers and who do people think his going to play for some Dutch outfit where there are no possibility’s of any divvys wow! Some guys have got more money than me to throw away

  • I dont mean to speak ill of the dead but im sure people were still buying emiliano sala from the market after his plane crashed so I dont find this particularly surprising.

  • @Mazza-magic

    There's a dozen Prem teams he'd walk in to and almost any Bundsliga team... guys 35 but he's Robben... If he does come out of retirement he'll probably end up in the US when Rooney comes home but it's not that different to when Scholes came out of retirement.

  • Never underestimate the power of stupidity

  • As we've seen in posts on this forum before, I think there is a certain proportion of new users that don't realise that putting something in the sale queue doesn't guarantee a sale. Maybe this false belief that they can list and they will sell accounts for some of the buying despite the obvious issues with the trade.

  • He' s up to £0.20 all on the back of the fact he "might" get bored and "might" come out of retirement.

    I was thinking that FI should take players off as soon as they retire but why would they, people are willing to bet on someone coming out of retirement so easy money for them. I mean the odds are pretty long on that happening, I can only think of Scholes who has done it recently!

    Actually having done a quick google search there are 9 players to have done it:

    • Paul Scholes 2012
    • Jens Lehmann 2011
    • Johan Cruyff 1978
    • Robbie Rogers 2013
    • Stephen Carr 2009
    • Roger Milla 1989
    • Carlos Roa 2000
    • Marc Overmars 2008
    • Landon Donovan 2016

    Click here for full article

  • proof that there is money in EVERYONE on this index!!!

  • Ok, it's possible to make some money if you time it right and other people are stupid enough to buy in after you. But time it wrong and you've chucked 100% of your money down the drain, because there is no IS option available and you're basically buying a worthless virtual asset.

    How desperate are people to gamble that they've resorted to this?

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