• Evening, been on the index for a few months and trying to get to grips with best strategy to skim profit from holding players. Just wondering if anyone would mind sharing tips if they follow a similar method? I’ve had good rises in players like Maddison recently and whilst i feel there’s more room for growth here, I would like to extract some of the profit, whilst maintaining a hold. Anyone else use a skimming strategy that could give me some pointers on best practice that works for them?

  • @NewUser376158 OCD works - i work in multiples of 25. So, f you hold say 83 shares in a player, cut it down to 50. If you own 92 shares, cut down to 75 etc

  • @ScouseSte yeah that makes sense - nice one.

  • @ScouseSte 83! Are you mad. Never buy I less than round numbers to begin with 🀣

  • @NewUser376158

    I got some good advice recently from @janner73 when i had a similar query. Maybe sell half to release profits and then keep the other half for future growth and dividends.

    On a different thread he also has a novel strategy. Sell enough shares to recoup your purchase, then the rest of the shares are free shares to keep and play with.

    A couple of ideas for you...

  • @NewUser376158

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  • @Martyn-B πŸ‘

  • I have always done the same with all players.
    When any player reaches 35% profit,i will sell the 35%,which leaves roughly 33% profit after commission,leaving the remainder on the original player,and then invest the 33% on new players.
    It has worked well for me so far.
    Good luck.

  • @Stevo said in Skimming:

    @ScouseSte 83! Are you mad. Never buy I less than round numbers to begin with 🀣

    I never do when it comes to long-term holds but with the money I've allocated for 30-day flips I'm just buying as much as I can. It's not so bad for my OCD knowing they'll be getting sold off soon... Only to be replaced by MORE uneven shares 😨😨😨 WHAT HAVE I STARTED? !?!

  • @Dazza What ive done is sell the shares in the player up to what my original investment was and left the profit and then withdraw or reinvest my original money, i usually withdraw though as the idea for me is eventually ensure im only playing with profit. Plus for example if that left say 50-75 shares okay for short term not a great amount but there will be a div increase eventually.

    Also if i felt i wanted to get out of that player and move on eventually i can without over thinking it to much because its profit money but obviously the idea is to make my profit make profit πŸ˜…πŸ˜, thats the dream anyway 🀣

  • Banned

    What I do is put the shares in the sell queue, and then immedeitly take them out as I cant bare to part with them.
    It is a big problem for me :/

  • I use a skimming strategy which goes like this...
    I have specific type of player I focus on - young, attacking midfield or forward, and cheap ( 40-80p currently)
    So I buy Β£200 worth of each player (180 players total port size)
    Should any player rise above Β£300 in value I skim the excess to leave them just under Β£300 value. With 180 players I've about 40-50 that are sitting on that Β£300 mark and provide regular income to reinvest in the next future star.

  • @MrWh1te πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ shouldn't laugh but that illness must be contagious I do that at least once everyday, I see a player in my port and think hes looking inflated put him in the sell queue and within half an hour I've convinced myself to wait for the next spike, which we all know doesn't always come 😬

  • @Jonah I debated selling Guilbert for a couple of weeks, finally put him in sell queue on Monday last week, then he sold on Friday afternoon, got announced he was starting and bought him back again 20 mins later πŸ™ˆ



  • @Journey πŸ˜‚ OMG you have got it bad, at least when I manage to sell I detach myself from the player.

  • @Jonah first time I've done that, but I do a lot of listing/unlisting haha.

    Guilbert has done me well though, bought at 30p with dividends and sold at 48p,then bought back at 50p last week and he's up to 58p

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