Watchlist won't load

  • Hi there - new user and recently added a number of players to my watch list. I have logged in this morning and my Watchlist page won't load, has anyone come across this before? Easy way to fix? Cleared my cache, cookies etc but no luck..



  • @NewUser96384 Watchlist is done by cookies or something. I believe if you have cleared cookies, you have cleared the watchlist.
    It has always been a broken system and something they are trying to fix.

  • Ah I see, so if I've loaded my page on a different PC they won't display.. better remember not to clear my cookies on my home PC!

  • @NewUser96384 I actually had the same thing (on mobile) which started about 3 days ago. Even if I add someone new it still doesn't load anything so I can only assume it isn't working. Frustrating as I have lost all the players on my watchlist. Trying to remember who was on there and make a note. Bound to have forgotten a few!

  • @NewUser96384
    I'm not sure if cookies have anything to do with it. I've noticed that my watchlist is specific to the machine I am using, so the watchlist on your phone is separate to the one on your laptop/PC. That's my experience anyway. It's always been the case since I joined in April.

  • @Vaughany yeah it's definitely specific to your device. Mine had always worked perfectly on my phone until the other day. Now I can't even add new players to it.

  • Added a ton of players to the watchlist and now..... they're nowhere to be seen.

    Not good enough really is it?

    Luckily for me I anticipated the not good enough and listed them all myself one by one.

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