Issues with pricing on the index

  • I have noticed that there have been many occasions recently where prices are clearly not updating. For example on the player list they will be showing one price and in the portfolio it is showing an outdated price.

    Also the price increases and decreases on the squad list are just incorrect - sometimes a player hasn't moved at all in a week and it will show +/- 1/2p.

    I have also had drops in my portfolio for example of -2/3p in a player but no sign of the drop on the squad list.

    One of the main things I try and keep an eye on is players' change in value so I find this hideously frustrating.

    Anyone else noticed the same thing at all?

  • @NewUser731 yeh it's been doing it since the split. Once the players price has gone up a penny it doesn't affect your portfolio until another share is bought or sold. It's annoying as hell... But you can trigger the price change by listing one share and cancelling it immediately.

    My transaction history is littered with cancelled sales because I want my port up to date as often as possible!

    On laptop using website it works in my favour that is doesn't update, as I can leave port screen open all day to track changes

  • @Vespasian32 I find it more annoying with the player lists(on mobile website). I have seen a player on the index who shows +1p in green on the squad list, then you click on him and it says no increase. Then under 7 days is says -1p when actually he has dropped 2p.

    This is the sort of thing I would be prioritising to get fixed if I was FI. I remember when I came back to FI last year I was surprised at how reliable the technology was. Seems to be a few more little glitches sneaking in these days.

  • @NewUser731 on a MacBook using website just refresh. It has always done that. The portfolio totals are correct though. One of many, many annoying things that needs fixing. To be honest I was very dubious of FI when I joined. The debates on investor forums on FI being pyramid scheme are not helped by having an IT system that ranks as the most shit I can think of. It was only the profit that kept me going in the early days. I'm confident with FI now but if I hadn't of had such a good first week I would have looked at the IT and think this is a con and walked away. I'm sure I'm not the only one put off by their systems.
    On a positive note the weekend must be near, my portfolio is flying.

  • I often think the green/red flashes are mixed up too. I'll be looking at the top 200 list, see someone like Poga getting a lot of green flashes, then his price goes down rather than up and the green keeps flashing as if people are buying.

  • @Dan-The-Man on the iPad app red is green and green is red. On the iPhone app green is green red is red as is the web site on a Mac. It's as if three different companies and people designed each platform.

  • @Dan-The-Man Green flashes doesn't mean someone is buying, I think green means there's been activity - buying/selling/listing. Red means the price has dropped by 1p

  • @Journey @LittleFish

    Well that's just ridiculous!

    Absolutely woeful design on both counts.

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