250 quid on a long term please

  • @Vespasian32 said in 250 quid on a long term please:

    @Dan-The-Man Biggest lesson you can learn is that when you buy a player you can sell whenever you like...

    Biggest lesson you can learn is how to read.

    "At time of writing, De Ligt is 2nd in MB for the day and has stated that his future won't be decided until after the Nations League, a few weeks from now. It's worth remembering that when Daley Blind, transferred to Man Utd, he picked up 50p in MB, so the next few weeks could be promising for De Ligt holders."

    It's ok to just acknowledge that I was right again you know. You'd be surprised how good it will make you feel to get it off your chest. :)

  • @Dan-The-Man what was the title of the thread? Lol it was the worst thread I've read on this forum. I say read... It was long and boring so I skimmed. The kane winning mb one was almost as bad. Almost.

  • Went 250 on Griezman then thought fuck it and went 250 on Odengaard. 3g in total now, I appreciate everyones thoughts and replies

  • @Dan-The-Man @Vespasian32 jesus lads, I've had decent chats and a crack with both of ya but as soon as I see yas at each others throats I just abandon the thread and I suspect I'm not the only one.

    There seems to be an element of one-up-manship going on but if like me, everybody just scrolls straight past then all your no doubt solid arguments are futile

  • @MickTurbo

    Just lads having a bit of bantz Mick. I forget how it looks on the forum to others. My bad.

  • @Dan-The-Man maybe I had the wrong end of the stick mate. Like I said I scroll past most of it, but i was under the impression yas were actually arguing and point scoring.

    As u were 👍

  • @MickTurbo They are both just pumpers and dumpers but disguise themselves well, wouldn’t trust the pair of them in real life but let them play. Sly lil boys.

  • @Mr-Random-number iv had some good advice of vespian and always come good

  • @AndydfopT vespasian I meant

  • @AndydfopT said in 250 quid on a long term please:

    Just want a tip on a long term safe hold please

    Unai Nunez is a good long term hold. 22 year old centre back who won the Euro u21s with Spain, playing in the final and he just got called up to the Spain squad.

    Has been playing for Bilbao this season and is only 43p. I expect he may soon lose his club place to the returning Inigo Martinez, but as a long term hold I see little down side.

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