Ritsu Doan

  • I'm not a huge follower of Dutch football, probs as they aint a PB league but I do like to try and keep an eye for players who could maybe make an impression somewhere. Doan is one of those I think could do just that.

    Played for Groningen last season and got 5 goals and 3 assists in 30 games, this prompted PSV to fork out €7.5m to sign him only a matter of days ago.

    PSV should be in Europa league this season so will get some exposure there and at 21 he is already a Japanese international.

    PSV have had a few decent Asian players in the last (Park Ji-sung and Lee Young-pyo) who both spent 2 seasons with PSV before making moves to Man Utd and Spurs so not outside the realms of possibility that Doan could do the same.

    At only £0.68 (up a massive £0.67 when I got invested in him yesterday) I think he's pretty cheap and low risk. I know it won't suit most as it's a gamble on him performing at PSV and getting a move, he also won't be a quick flip but sometimes you just go with your gut.

    Anyway as always feel free to ignore me

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