Sell Kean...replace with who...

  • Morning all,
    I put a post out yesterday but I'd like to open it up a bit more as didn't get a lot of response.
    Held Moise Kean since £1.77. Looking to move on as he didn't score against LINCOLN last night and apparently won't be in the senior squad for the Euro qualifiers.
    I can IS for £2.48 so 71p profit or jump in the queue.
    My question is, who do you think I should jump on as a long term hold, at least until after the Euros.
    Looking at one or 2 players with ROI in mind but divs along the way do help of course.
    I have a long list in my head but any thoughts please? (Euro starter and European football).

  • @gball1975 By European football do you mean in a PB league or in Europa League/ Champions League?
    Nicolo Barella is a definite for me - Inter and Italy at £1.15.
    If you mean in a PB league then I'll also add Mikel Oyarzabal who is working into the Spain squad and I would expect to be starting by the time the Euros come around - also likely to have a big transfer next summer.
    Last one would be Chiesa - for similar reasons to Oyarzabal except with Italy.

  • @gball1975

    Leroy Sane seems like a fairly safe bet.

    No reason for him to do anything but grow. Won't get you many divs until his injury return but he'll be back towards the end of the season and will be playing for Germany.

  • @janner73 Yeah, Champions League or Europa League aswell as a playing in Euro 2020.

  • Neymar, divs don't stop. And ROI wise, he should be worth more in comparison to those around him.

  • Alvaro Morata

  • @Westy To rich for me sir... Looking at buying lower than £2.50 (ideally lower than £2.00).

  • @gball1975 Ok ignore Oyarzabal and Chiesa then :)

    Barella would be one, and the other is possibly Insigne. I don't hold Insigne but he looks well suited to the new PB matrix with Napoli in the CL and regularly starting for Italy now.

  • Verratti for PSG.

    That is all

  • @gball1975 suggested Milik on another thread. Hasnt had the spike that similar strikers have yet. Pretty sure youd get some IPD divs and a rise when he scores first goal.

    Ryan Fraser- pb potential, bournemouth gna scotland gna, future transfer

    Thorgan Hazard, pb, euros, not had a spike yet

  • I think now is a good time to jump on Pepe at Arsenal.

    Looks like he will get the nod to start from now and could be the most exciting player to watch in the league this season if the flashes of potential against Liverpool are anything to go by.

    Only downside is won't factor into the Euro qualifiers and Euro 2020.

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