Tyron mings

  • Engalnd sqyad call up bargain at 1.10?

  • He was at 95p about 15 minutes ago so I'd be careful

  • Touching 1.20 now 👀

  • Wasn’t that long ago he was heavily linked to a move to Forest. Just goes to show how thin the line is becoming between championship player and England international....

  • Definitely not a bargain - 30 p rise for someone that will sit on the bench for 180 minutes for England - no way he holds this price.

  • Crazy money. How does an england call up make him that much more valuable? Might get some mb for shock call up, but then thats about it.
    I looked at 98p and decided was already over priced. Amazed to see it fly up 34p in minutes.

  • ...and Michael Kean (Everton) at 49p in England squad ??WTF

  • @Mundek I bought Mings just before the share split at 24p and sold up around 50p as for me he was overpriced, i used the same rationale as you did to come to that conclusion.

    I have however come to realise that there are two triggers for price rises in players on FI;

    • The promise of Dividends, the belief a player is capable of producing them in the future.
    • The realisation of dividends - a player winning PB or MB.

    With players like Keane/Stones/Smalling etc, while they are more proven then Mings we know thier level and what they are capable of. More importantly we know they offer little to no change of MB or PB at international or club level, hence thier price.

    With Mings we now have a buzz and the question how good can he be and could he move to a big club? Could he make the Euro 2020 squad and could he start?

    So in short we can all think his price is insane but actually he might be half the price now he is start of next season and that's what you gamble on.

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