Real Madrid

  • I hold 3 Real Madrid players:
    They are all struggling price wise, is this down to Real Madrid not having the best start or are they poor holds?

  • All at the tail end of their careers and Madrid aren’t the force they once were, the ones offering most promise are those looking to get out. Bale, Victinus, and Rodridgez are where I’d be looking

  • @Bradley117 Would you say the 3 I hold are poor holds then?

  • Not necessarily, but if you’re in then I’d leave them there so they can work for you whilst they’re in the team. Each of them on their day could win PB, I’d certainly be hesitant about buying more

  • @Squire1905 higher risk due to age. Benzema good for 30 days IPD but would get rid after that. Plenty younger players on FI that will make you more money

  • @Bradley117 I think I will keep Ramos and Kroos as I would expect them to feature in the Euros but maybe sell Benzema on his next spike

  • @C-Money Thats what I thought with Benzema. I am thinking that Ramos and Kroos could be ok, they have a decent PB record accord to FIScout

  • @Squire1905 keep them to see how they are with the new PB matrix. But people are reluctant to invest in older players on the index regardless how good they are in real life. Payet last night won PB and star player... Due to his age he's still 60p ish... Not really worth the investment if nobody else buys into it.

  • @C-Money Fair shout mate! Thanks

  • They should get some dividends but all are getting on in years, so capital appreciation will be stunted.

  • I actually think Kroos is cheap, will certainly win divs this year.

  • Ramos is also very very good value... I do hold, but he still has so much to offer. He’s got everything and more from FI perspective. Only age that isn’t on his side but he still has a couple seasons in him.

  • Think Ramos is best value out of the three. But also think hazard will be seeing a rise soon when he makes his debut - either against Villarreal or in 2 weeks time after international break.

  • I hold all 3 (recent buys)... Ramos seems really undervalued, spains joint top scorer (so far in group stage) and captain... Madrid captain... Takes pens for both.
    Kroos has already posted good pb scores.. He should win a few.
    Benzema still their main striker and scoring goals. Benzema I did buy as more of an IPD flip tho

  • If he stays fit then Bale has the most potential imo. On his day he's still one of the best around. Will score and assist and will always be there or there abouts for PB's and MD's. He's not match fit yet as he missed most of Real Madrid's pre season due to all the nonsensethat went on.

    He's going to be key if Wales are to qualify for the Euro's and their next game is at home to Azerbajan.

  • @Vespasian32

    It will be interesting to see if Ramos still takes pens now the team is wildly different. If he does, then the spike will be decent.

  • I hold Jovic and have done for a while so I’ve done quite well out of him. I’m wondering whether to sell though due to the limited opportunities he may get now. Anyone else?

  • @NewUser122241 I don't hold but saw a twitter discussion on him and although alot of talk there is nonsense, it is good to see what market sentiment is on your holds to get a idea of demand, the thinking was that he is not alot more than an IPD hold, doesnt score well at PB so with this thinking, he looks over-priced. Worth considering.

  • Benzema up 6p since this thread... That's why he's a good hold... Hes on vardy level of predictability when it comes to price swings.

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