• Tipped to move to Sassuolo on loan for the season. If he can replicate his form from Jan 18 - May 18 then his current £0.48p could be a low risk bargain. If he replicates his Aug 18 - May 19 form then instead on investing in him just open your window and throw the money out.

  • He's had 5 good months in the last 5 years.

    That rings alarm bells to me and they're all ringing 'he's crap'.

  • He was shocking at Newcastle last season, I really wouldnt bother

  • I bought during the summer. Got plenty of game time pre season and with the transfer embargo I thought that would continue into the prem. It didn't, but I hope he gets a move and proves us all wrong and I can make a few quid on him.

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