Kenan as mustard

  • As a leftfield pick, have just gone for a few kenan karaman. Ss for dusseldorf who have some decent matches coming up(eintracht post europa and freiburg at home)

    More importantly is he is a Turkish international who have Andorra, Moldova and Albania as next 3 games. Turkey have beaten France 2-0 in qualifying.

    Has scored 1 in 4 for Turkey, has 1 g an 1 assist in 2 games for dusseldorf.

    Is 25yo, has 7.22 avg rating for his two games this season and a lovely 47p

    No kai Havertz (got 166pb in first game and - 2 in the next) but decent chance of a 25% increase in the next month or two at that price with those fixtures

  • Great shout. I have him on my watchlist. Haven't bought in yet as I found him after I had spent my spare funds on a couple of other PB players with decent Euro 202 qualifying fixtures. I think you'll do well on him.

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