Injured players thread

  • @NewUser731 There absolutely is a change - just don't think people want to leave money in players for a steady rise anymore when they can use it to earn more elsewhere in the market. Sane and Asensio are 2 others that haven't really seen a steady rise since their injuries.

  • @janner73 also they aren't dropping so far in the first instance. I still think this is done to the enormous spread that gets slapped on them by FI once they see someone is injured. presumably the slow steady decrease is then people trying to market sell with no success?

  • @NewUser731 Quite possibly - like any edge someone finds in a market it was never going to last forever. Once too many people become aware of that edge it's no longer an edge which is why I know the current IPD flipping wont last forever because too many people will go to that area of the market and the profit margins and edge disappear.

  • @janner73 I'll have to track this I think. Maybe buying in on the first dip isn't the best time now. Interesting to see mason mount rebounded pretty quickly-not one I bought into.

  • @NewUser731 Mount bounced because the injury isn't that bad I believe - think he might even have a chance of making this weekend.

  • @janner73 Ben Dinnery on twitter said he personally can't see it happen this weekend. However, it seems Mount's injury isn't bad at all

  • Genuine cracker this one.......Clement Depres

    • 24 years old
    • Number 9 for nimes (Ligue 1)
    • French
    • 23p
    • 2p spread
    • Due back in the next month or two from an ACL injury.

    Just started to get goal scoring form before the injury back in Jan 19, Nimes have high hopes for him and could be thier main man again if the comeback is successful.

  • Niclas Fullkrug has damaged his cruciate ligaments- hence the sizeable drop. Down from 57p to currently stabilising at 45p. Just bought in a couple of hundred for the long haul. 4 games 2 goals 1 assist so far this season.

  • Jeffrey Gouweleeuw just back in training now. He was Augsburg number 1 CB and is currently only 15p

  • @Millonarios

    Morata was in the bench yesterday in 0 0 deaw.. . Was in goal scoring form prior to injury .. should see a decent rise

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