Biggest ROI based on this season & Euro 2020 combined

  • @gball1975 Just waiting to see the Italy squad now although I have no doubts Barella will be in it. Would think Kean will sell over the weekend - surely he starts for Everton this week which should get a few buyers?

  • @janner73 Barella is a sure thing for the Italy squad for the next 10 years IMO.
    Made some very good profit personally on Kean but since arriving in England, hasn't done it for me so time to take the profit and put it some where else for a 10 month hold.

  • @gball1975 Should be - him and Tonali the future - it's just how quickly Tonali joins him.

  • @janner73 Yeah but I don't get why Tonali is a fair bit higher in price but as we all know FI makes no sense sometimes.

  • @gball1975 Cos he's younger - that's the only reason.

  • Loads of good shouts. Bit of a wildcard. Timmy castagne. Ok probably never gonna be a media whore but hes got champions league footy this year, probably going to the euros and Belgium will be one of the more fancied sides.

    Chance of being a great PB player which can comfortably take u beyond 2 quid. Was on palaces radar and maybe a chance of ending up in the prem. Currently 60p. Heaps of growth I hope

  • @MickTurbo Is he injured currently?

  • Yes he is mate. I'm sure hes due back very shortly though. It wasnt a major one, he lost 3p or 5% I think from his price because of the injury. Good time to get on probably

  • The players I currently hold and will hold until the Euros (at least) is :-


    The players I want to hold at some point before the Euros is :-


  • Arjen Robben ;)

  • ive got 25% of my portfolio in Tielemans im backing him heavily

  • Griezmann 😁

  • A lot of good shouts here but they all play for teams nearly guaranteed to qualify for Euro 2020. I can't help but think that if you're brave/smart/lucky enough to take a punt on players in teams that aren't so certain to qualify then the ROI will be higher, should they make it to the tournament.

    Of course, it is a riskier strategy as the prices of those players will likely drop over the summer if their respective teams don't qualify. With this in mind, I have picked up some players from Hungary, Switzerland, Turkey and Denmark so far. All play for club teams in PB leagues too and range from 30p to 60p. I'd recommend others having a look in this area too.

    Having said all that, my biggest investment in players with this season and Euro 2020 in mind, is Griezmann!

  • @Vaughany good points!
    Griezmann is great but if Neymar stays at PSG and Messi has injury niggles
    Griezmann could...

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