Mason Greenwood- Time To Deliver?

  • He’s a stupid price at nearly £5. Not much upside left and people will soon realise that.

  • @Timothee-Atouba Sadly I think people will look at Sancho's price and see plenty of upside. We'll be in a situation soon where Greenwood will be more expensive than the forwards that will go to the Euros for England.

  • If you're not already on then I think you've missed the train. Don't think he'll start as Ole would be crazy to risk his only two strikers from the start as he'd be left seriously short.

    Mata will most likely come in and play Greenwood may get minutes off the bench but Ole has to be wise. He's lost 2 of his 5 main strikers to transfers and 1 to injury.

    I certainly won't be jumping on the Greenwood express at this stage as not sure how many more stops he has left to visit

  • What happens to his price after he starts, doesn’t score and has an absolute stinker along with his teammates? It’s a very real possibility with this Utd team, i haven’t seen much of the boy play but so far he’s done nothing out of the ordinary

  • I really don’t think he will play, if he plays with rashford and then they both get injured Utd then have no strikers, think about it!.

    It makes it less likely he plays with martial being injured.

    He’s going to be a sub in every game unless it a dead rubber or a really easy game whatever that might be.

  • The upside for me is he's third choice striker in a team who in the coming week will face Rochdale in the Carabao Cup and Astana, Partizan Belgrade and AZ Alkmaar in the Europa League. If he's as good as some say he is he's likely to get headlines here.

  • @Dalien-Smith chances are Chong and Gomes will probably play in most of those games and if you bought both of those you'd still have change left over compared to Greenwood's price. Think Chong looks massively undervalued compared to the growth in Gomes and Greenwood.

  • I said he would get to £5 before Xmas... Its upon us already... But I'm using this spike to sell. I'm getting out before the teamsheet is announced to lock in my profit. I can see him starting and going to beyond £5...i can see him touching £6 this season... But I'm not greedy, I've ridden him twice since £2 so time for the next generation of holders to benefit. Good luck

  • I'm certainly contemplating selling and taking the profit, got on at £2.05. Just think it is a massive ask for Greenwood to come into a below par United team and make a big impact with no real experience at the top level. Decisions, decisions.

  • @gball1975 said in Mason Greenwood- Time To Deliver:

    Held him since pre-season and certainly have no intention of selling. Still worth jumping on the train, biggest thing since Giggs to come out of the United academy.

    Biggest thing since Ravel Morrison*

    Don’t get me wrong - he seems to have a much calmer head on his shoulders - and is far more likely to succeed. But many kids of his quality have come through the MU academy since 1992.

  • @playingcards1 Agreed. Just to clarify I don't support MU, but I think Greenwoods record speaks for it self and now in the u21 as the next level.

  • I can understand why this would be a good time to sell. What he's done to this point has been purely hype and not alot of substance. Now with Martials injury this is all getting very real and Greenwood is second choice striker. His time to prove himself is near. It's sink or swim time.

  • Don’t get me wrong if think he can get to £5, but you can make that increase in another player with less risk.

  • @Tom77 yeh he had a 60p rise ish when he got his start last season and collapsed when he didn't score... So I've sold now to take the risk free profit. He could score vs saints and rocket to £6 and win MB... He could play 60 mins without a goal and plummet. Overall I think his stock will rise so I'm not advising anyone to sell.. Just feels right time for me to shift that money now I've made very high profit

  • Greenwood could actually be king of the index with 5-10 impressive performances, showing Sancho like talent (which he has) but actually delivering dividends at the number 1 media club.

    Sure he's probably overpriced but that's the index now, joint king sancho has never won PB, has only 1 MB 1st place and is relying on a move to United which is far from certain but that hasn't stopped him. As you might've guessed I'm baffled Sancho became king so soon but on the upside it's given me great hope for Greenwood.

    I can understand the temptation to take profit but with that easy EL group, easy LC draw, England u21's and how light we are up front I think holders should show some heart and enjoy the ride, you don't wanna be like Timmy atouba above being bitter you sold too early when he's king 🤣

  • @NallyCat You have sold it for me to keep him. Let's hope it is an enjoyable ride.

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  • @Vespasian32 … you having an early drink over there pal???

  • @gball1975 haha yeh big time... Wrong thread!

  • @Vespasian32 … haha....cheers and happy bloody Friday!!!!!

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