Mason Greenwood- Time To Deliver?

  • This game is shocking. Man utd just aren't producing the youths these days. Other teams can field a reserve team in Europe but United don't have the strength in depth. Greenwood not really enhanced himself here. Running out of opportunities now to prove himself before transfer window now.

  • Didn't watch it - was at work & traveling home.

    I take it he didn't do much then?

  • @Ericali had one moment of real quality, forced a really good save late on. Was pretty isolated based on what I saw, has a similar problem to all uniteds ‘strikers’ spends far too long drifting outwide

  • @ChazFI123 said in Mason Greenwood- Time To Deliver?:

    @Ericali had one moment of real quality, forced a really good save late on. Was pretty isolated based on what I saw, has a similar problem to all uniteds ‘strikers’ spends far too long drifting outwide

    Seems to only emphasize our need for a striker in January or a forward with a creative spark.

    Greenwood probably needs to learn his trade under a established figurehead - rather than being under so much pressure to deliver every time he sets a foot on the pitch.

  • Utd need to send the kids out on loan, its so obvious.

    The fact is our squad doesnt have enough players to do it though!

    Woodward has made a complete fuck up of the team.

    1- or 2 kids coming though a season great but we look like trying to bring through 6 or 7, its just not happening.

  • @Ericali massively so, think if he’s around the squad with an experienced striker in it, he’d benefit massively. Currently he’s learning his trade off two forwards that don’t really know their position! Ethan laird was best player on the pitch for United, both centre mids did alright. Shaw and Lingard showed how far they should be away from the first team again!

  • @ChazFI123 Shaw is fast running out of chances - personally think we should cut our losses.

    Lingard keeps surviving on the fact he's a "youngster" from the youth team.

    Another one who eventually needs cutting loose - but there are a few more obvious candidates to get rid of first.

  • @Ericali I’m so glad he seems to have chosen Brandon Williams as first choice. If you see the own goal for Astana, Shaw’s got caught half way up the pitch and their winger has a quarter of the pitch to himself and Shaw literally jogged back at about 20% speed, absolute pet hate of mine!

  • This is so bad from Utd.

    Greenwood probably already feels the pressure at 18.

    He should be coming on for 20 minutes at 2-0 and enjoying himself.

  • @ChazFI123 I'd try Dalot there (when fit) Williams back-up & Shaw 3rd choice.

    I'd go:- (if I had a full team available)

    -----------------------De Gea

    Pogba & Martial I don't really care for - I'd just have to play them till I could flog them off & buy a few replacements.

  • Greenwood starts up front against Mourinho. A few headlines to be made here if he bangs in some goals.

  • Irrespective of whether this guys value for his price or whatever, as a young English striker prospect people surely can’t be anything but excited about him! Him and rashford for the next 10 years are such an exciting prospect for united fans

  • @ChazFI123 I was just trying to find this thread! Next season should be a good one for him to feature more!

  • Well that went well. I sold my Rashfords this morning to buy into Greenwood which i had once said i would never do but i couldnt ignore the obvious fact that he had clearly bottomed out

  • Big rise with the 2 Europa League goals. Still looks way over priced for someone not doing it in the premier League. Winnable home game at weekend against Everton. If he starts and scores in that one could be the moment he flies. Still think United will be looking to bring a forward in in January.

  • @Dalien-Smith do you know what, one of the main reasons i finally bought him was because of where his price is now compared to how high its been and after that drop it had been stagnant for almost a month which tells me anyone that was going to sell already had. Im done with thinking any player is overpriced in this current market because i dont think there is a single one that is. If people arent buying for Dividend return they buying because of sentiment so even if we think a playerbis overpriced many others may not. They may look at it differently, we dont know who the next superstar is but what would you have paid to buy Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney or Beckham at 18 thats the way im looking at it. Its not what I think its what i think everyone else thinks

  • @Black-wolf I think there's a tsunami of money waiting to pour into Greenwood. I'm not sure now is the time though. I find high price players such a chore to own to be honest. Easy to get in. Hard to get out. Maybe I'm too cautious for this game. Crucial set of fixtures though for Greenwood coming up. Bound to get a league start between now and window opening. See what he can do. I'm still on the fence.

  • @Dalien-Smith seems like youve gave the answer to your own doubts. Stop worrying about what a player is going to do in the real world instead anticipate what others will do on the index regarding a player. Youve just said you think a tsunami of money will flood into him soon, if you think that then others likely will too so thats when you should buy. PB is your reward for picking out a good player at a good time, cap app is your reward for reading the market sentiment and getting in at the right time

  • @Black-wolf Im going to watch for lineups on the weekend. If he's named in the lineup. I'm in. Bench I'll hang on.

  • If Utd sign a striker in jan he could well drop again.
    If Utd dont he will rocket imo.

    I’m sitting on the fence.

    I know he is bloody good but its not all about that on the index.

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