Mason Greenwood- Time To Deliver?

  • @ScouseSte i dont really touch any unknown players my whole portfolio is PB kings and the only ones that arent play in England. I dont trade in players playing in other countries for cap app very often

  • This lad really is something special, so calm in front of goal for his age!

  • Why on earth are so many people buying after he scores a goal? You can’t even win any divs for the day as it’s past the deadline. They buying him just for IPD lmao

  • @Andy its FOMO. People are scared that it will spark a massive cap app opportunity which im turn causes big cap app

  • @Black-wolf it’s honestly mad, how are people going to sell at a profit is beyond me when commission is quite a lot at over £4. What are people going to do when he doesn’t start the next league game and drops in price.

    I’m staying well away from it haha

  • It’s going to be interesting when and if haaland comes, rashford/greenwood/haaland all over £4 something has to give.

  • @Andy i think its in anticipation of massive rises over time

  • For me I think he should start, IMO he should play instead of James against teams that united struggle to break down, James’ performances are so much worse against the poor teams where he has no space

  • @ChazFI123 Even before he scored did more than Lingard and James combined. Got to start more premier league games.

  • Just got to watch him to understand why people are buying in. It's not a short term thing for me. Hes 18 and pure classa I'm buying in at every oportunity for the long term!

  • @Impulsesplurger same, just look at him already banging in goals at all levels at 18, for me I think he will be a future star , great long term hold.

  • I wonder what his price will be in 2022/3??

  • My wife has that x factor the bands on and i dont want to worry anyone but im pretty sure Rashford and Greenwood are in The boy band. Cant believe how much the young lad looks like Rashford

  • No start again. I'm having to sit this out. He's nicked a goal but it's an awfully big leap of faith to think he'll be United's first choice this season. At his price surely that is investors hopes to be regular. My big fear that investing now as well is if a Haaland did sign Greenwoods price might tank big time.

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