Mason Greenwood- Time To Deliver?

  • @Incolrabaaz hi mate, Carabao Cup doesn’t count for PB and IPD but it does give first team exposure, for example if Greenwood starts he would still rise and if he scores he will rise further, so you’d get potential capital appreciation from him playing/scoring in the Cup but no dividends.
    Europa League he would be eligible for dividends.
    If you got in at £3.50 mate I would definitely still hold, with a lot of chances for first team football I can only see him going up further tbh I’ve got 250 for average price of £3.73 I’m defo holding

  • @NewUser348798 Ok great. Thanks for info . As a Swansea fan I bought Dan James too. I think he's got a bit too go to!

  • @CBN people have been talking about missing boat on Greenwood for a year or so. He keeps rising. Only invested myself a few weeks ago and has had a steady rise in that time. Once he gets his first goal /MOTD rave review, he'll fly again.

  • @Hotspur yeah exactly just look at Sancho, people were saying at £4 and £5 they missed the boat the guy is now over £7

  • @NewUser348798 Sancho plays every week though and is already a regular and arguably the star of the team in a very good Dortmund side. Greenwood hasn't started any meaningful football and can't even get in the team today over Andreas. I personally think anyone investing in him at this price is taking a huge gamble. It could pay off but it could also be a disaster

  • @TraderJ why are you comparing him to Andreas? Different positions.

  • @ChazFI123 said in Mason Greenwood- Time To Deliver:

    @CBN got a sneaky suspicion that Chong might be in the match day squad tomorrow, can’t see any other reason for him not playing for the U’23s unless he’s injured

    Gets his place on the bench, think his price shouldn’t be any lower than Gomes’ really

  • @Hotspur The point was that Andreas and Mata have come into the team to replace Martial who I believe is injured and Lingard who has dropped to the bench. Greenwood could have replaced one of those players because young attacking players have to be flexible in their position if they play at big clubs and play wherever is available, just like Rashford has had to. Regardless, the point remains that Greenwood is not even close to the level of Sancho at the moment. Nobody has even see Greenwood play in a game of football that means anything so he's a massive gamble

  • @TraderJ nobody said Greenwood is at the same level of Sancho, what they’re saying is when sancho first game through people thought they had missed out cause he was £4 and since then he’s continued to increase. They’re saying that Greenwood could still potentially grow as Sancho has done

  • On the bench.

  • @ChazFI123 I agree with that statement but that is not what was being said because Sancho was a known factor when he was at a similar price to Greeenwood he was actually in the team and last season he was a star. Although I think Sancho is overpriced at the moment he acquired his price based on performances not just pure hype, like Greenwood. If he gets into the team on a regular basis and performs well then sure there is no reason why he can't reach the level of Sancho but nobody has seen him play at the top level and at his current price he is a massive risk. His price is currently propped up by the unknown factor, if he gets in the team and underwhelms consistently then his price will fall off a cliff

  • @TraderJ I agree with you. He's closing in on £5. Risky to get in now. Sancho played week in week out when they said he was part of the youth bubble. He should be where brewster is in price

  • @TraderJ I personally think he’s massively over priced, I’ve said it numerous times on this post I’d rather buy Gomes and Chong and still have money left over compared to Greenwood’s price

  • Best case, he plays well, scores goals, keeps his place in the team and gets an England call up, making him a young English striker playing for Man U. i.e. Rashford, who is only a few pence more. Anything less than best case surely sees a drop off at some point when people move on to the next big thing. Unquestionably he will rise again in the short term if he scores but way too risky for me at this price, but good luck to those still holding!

  • Sancho is a way better investment than Greenwood. That is a teenager justifying his price. Goals and assists galore. Massive links to Manchester United. I can't see Greenwood passing Sancho ever. If Sancho moves to Man United he'll be the FI king for years. People bemoan his pb but he's only teenager. Imagine him in his prime. If he had money it'd be on Sancho for sure.

  • @johnboywalker So so true, just look at Brewster and CHO for evidence, for me Brewster is a much more sensible pick at the price of the three of them...

  • Big drop this week but looks to be on the rise again. 2nd choice striker at United. Rashford doesnt look in great form yet Greenwood is not getting big minutes. Theres talk of Manzukic. The need for a striker looks massive at United. The minutes Greenwood has had suggest they dont think hes quite ready.

  • Manchester United need a striker in January. Except for the Chelsea match we haven't scored more than 1 goal in about the last 15 matches!

    Whether that's a big money signing or a stop-gap while the summer.

    The striking department needs to be addressed.

  • @Dalien-Smith just because he isn't starting every game doesn't mean they don't think he's ready, they're protecting him and playing the long game, you can't expect a 17 year old who's not played first team football before to be playing 3 games a week. The lad has literally just turned 18 and he'll start Thursday night- CHO only started Europa League and cup games last season for the majority of it, would you say that Chelsea thought he wasn't ready last season?

  • @ChazFI123 All im saying is. Rashford looks out of sorts. 3 goals this season. 2 of them from the spot in league. Ole should be able to shake things up and bring on another striker but theyve only got Greenwood. Uniteds close season recruitment has been absurd. They let too many forwards leave without replacement. A club of this size shouldnt be in this predicament. Greenwood should come good but they are putting alot of pressure on the young lad. I hope he can rise too it.

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